Let’s drink to that: PH’s Lambanog ranks 10th in best rated spirits worldwide

Photo courtesy from Lambanog Facebook

TAGAY, a Filipino-made Lambanog, was ranked 10th in TasteAtlast's Best Rated Spirits in the World.

“This potent Filipino drink is made from the fermented sap of the coconut palm. It is a clear, colorless spirit that is quite strong, with the usual alcohol content at around 40 percent ABV. Apart from the classic version, modern varieties are often tinted, sweetened, and flavored. Lambanog is traditionally enjoyed neat, usually as a shot, but it also blends well in cocktails and mixed drinks,” the site wrote.

“In the past, it was frequently produced by farmers, similar to a local version of moonshine, but recently it has mostly shifted to factory production, and its quality has significantly improved. The drink is traditionally produced and enjoyed in the Quezon province.”

TasteAtlast is an online guide that aims to be “a world atlas of traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants.” The site uses gastronomy professionals and critics reviews.

Lambanog bested other popular drinks such as Russia's Vodka, South Korea's Soju, US' Bourbon, and Caribbean's Rum. In fact, it is the only spirit from Asia that made it to the Top 10. Islay Scotch from Scotland topped the list.

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net

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