Leveling up the playing field among OFWS

The Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) sector are just as feverish and hysterical as our local counterparts. Both have become rabid in seeing their respective candidates from all colors and persuasions get to the top position come the big day, the May 9 election.

From the Hollywood area, Fil-Am scriptwriter-director Ed Samson(based in San Diego), and multi-hyphenate award-winning singer, actress, producer, inspirational book author Lou Duque Baron, have sensed that the coming local election is equally and hotly contested by the OFWs sector in the whole of California.

Eduard Banez flanked by UNTV hosts (from left) Fe Amor Tiosen, Weng Dela Fuente, and Alma Angeles.

Eduard Banez flanked by UNTV hosts (from left) Fe Amor Tiosen, Weng Dela Fuente, and Alma Angeles.

That most have perceived it as a toast between the 'populists' voice against the traditional democrats. Short of saying a two-way bout between the BBM-Sara UniTeam with Robredo-Pangilinan tandem a little farther away as shown from most recent surveys.

Surprisingly, recent tweets to us from Eduard Bañez, Caveat's official Oscars Awards correspondent, sort of opened a can of worms as far as the voting preferences of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) OWFs voters in California is the crux of the matter. The Fil-Am, and former ABS-CBN Star Magic talent Eduard has been amazed at how the coming election from his personal observation has polarized more than before the so-called 'INC Bloc voters' overseas. He said they are now openly taking to the streets to shout out for their most preferred candidates.

This totally dispelled the notion about the myth of the 'INC solid votes.' “There's no such thing, the playing field here is so vast for everyone to make their most informed choices,” says Eduard who is both an active talent of Nickelodeon and also a 'kuya' among INC constituents around the area to seek for help and expertise as he is a Media Arts alum himself from UCLA.

He has helped update INC constituents through the globally-connected shows of Net 25 under its host-president Weng Dela Fuente with the support of broadcast queens like Fe Amor Tiosen, and Alma Angeles.

Incidentally, Eduard's mom Zarina heads the Finance sector of the Sanggunian Southern California INC, under the overall management of Ka Bienvenido Santiago, credited for buying off vast tracts of land from Dakota to add to the INC asset and properties worldwide. To digress a bit, it makes me shiver and think of the famous emperor who said, “I came, I saw, I conquered!”

To show how polarized even the globally – connected Net 25 INC shows are, Eduard reposted an episode in which host Weng Dela Fuente featured retired UP professor Clarita Carlos in a no-holds barred interview about how the past Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos be reconfigured in the light of BBM's candidacy.

The professor pointed out another lens or gaze upon which to study scientifically Pres. Marcos' other past policies, e.g., defense, foreign policies, international relations, maritime engagement, infrastructure, education, and agricultural productivity, etc. When asked who he was voting for the presidentiable, Eduard quips he is yet undecided.

All he is dreaming and praying for now is for the pandemic health protocols to totally ease up so he can come home, and witness for himself 'in situ' in his words 'the most historically significant and presidentiable battle of the century ever.'

And from hereon, see if the time is ripe enough for his fondest dream to stage a comeback of sorts to local showbiz. Oh lala!

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net

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