Life coach Ning Tadena: Give it love and nourishment

‘PAIRFECT’ hosts Dinah Ventura and Francine Maquez with guest coach Ning Tadena-Barcelo.

A three-day workshop changed Ning Tadena’s life.

In an interview on Daily Tribune’s digital show Pairfect hosted by editors Dinah Ventura and Francine Marquez, Tadena said that workshop (her first one) helped her realize and understand who she is as a person.

She is now a life coach, a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)-certified practitioner, a medical intuitive under THINK, Inc. and an intensati (high-intensity cardio workout) leader.

The former professional makeup artist attended multiple courses such as Theta Healing courses and an Enneagram corporate coaching course. She now combines all her experiences, expertise and learnings to help people “trace causes of physical, emotional diseases and aid in their healing,” said her website.

LIFE coach Ning Tadena.

Her job as a life coach is to see the greatness inside every person and “make them see it.” She also tries to unlock five core gifts within a person, the five Ps, as she puts it — passion, pain, potential, purpose and power.

“As a life coach, I know I have to set a safe space for anger, sadness and fear to come up so that they are acknowledged. Anything that is brought out to light and acknowledged is already part of the feeling,” she said.

Keeping negative emotions bottled up and kept in the dark grows into a monster that can’t be controlled, Tadena said.

“But if you break it out, bring it to life in a safe space where you’re not going to be judged, you’re going to be loved and accepted, and then you’re going to process it well, you’re going to let go of what you no longer need and keep the learnings,” she added.


Meeting and talking to people from all walks of life, attending workshops, conventions and talks left and right, was a pre-pandemic routine for author of the book Unlock Your Diva.

Like everything else when the pandemic struck more than a year ago — the world changed and went digital.

NING Tadena-Barcelo had lined-up conventions, workshops, and talks when the lockdown happened.

It wasn’t as difficult as she thought it would be despite not being a tech-savvy person, Tadena said, as she adapted to the circumstances and learned to grow and connect with people through computer and phone screens.

“It’s liberating, because now I can do sessions with people who are not here. I’ve done sessions with someone from Canada, from New Zealand, from Vietnam,” she added. Thanks to the internet, Tadena was able to reach out to more people, doing online summits and creating an online community, the ‘Diva community,’ to connect, help and encourage people whether it’s about beauty, life, and overall wellness.

“It’s actually breaking barriers for me across time and space,” she said.

The process is still the same regardless of the virtual platform, she said, adding: “The connection is still there because I realize that it’s my attention and my focus that’s given to that person so regardless of the distance, you still feel the connection.”


When it comes to having hurtful and unhealthy thoughts and emotions — the feeling of being isolated and uncertain especially in trying times, Tadena said: “Give it love and nourishment and understanding so that you can actually turn it into something healthy.”

It can start with little things. “If you want to feel sad, fine. But when you want, you decide, I don’t want to feel this anymore. I want to get out of this — here is a simple trick but it’s not everything,” she said.

“If you’re feeling down, still in your pajamas with hair all messed up, you’re still, going to feel more down. You’re gonna feel more lazy, lethargic.”

Tadena added, “What if you change your clothes into something that gives you life? What if you finally wash your hair so that you feel more refreshed and put on some colorful — some peachy tint so that you feel happier because there’s also power in the color, in colors that you see — so, all those things can help.”

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