Life, love and business greatest lesson

Public speaking has always been easy for life, love and business coach Dorelene Dimaunahan.

It all started at a young age, when declamation contests and extracurricular activities became a routine Dimaunahan said.

“I got used to those and eventually it became the reason why I love to teach as well,” she said in a previous interview for Daily Tribune’s online show, Pairfect. She currently teaches at De La Salle University, Ateneo De Manila University, University of Asia and the Pacific and the Center for Culinary Arts.

“At that time when I took my Master’s Degree, it was called mentorship. I mentor different students, enterprises, start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs. But then, the term coach appeared. Being a coach is like being a friend, you have to be there until the end. It may seem hard, but it’s not. It’s only a matter of constant communication,” she said.

While she is not a psychologist by profession, Dimaunahan said mentoring helped her guide those who are in need of utmost support.

She said, “Yes, it is being objective, but at the same time it is also about showing you care. When they’ll see that you’re really there for them, they’ll open up.”

SHE is also an editor, author and host.

Part of mentoring is allowing people to open up, she added. “Let them tell you what it is that they’re feeling or going through. Then guide and allow them to reflect. As much as it is, calm them down because they’re under so much stress. Talk and discuss. Be objective.”

Dimaunahan tells her clients that before anything else, self-love should always be there. She said, “Regardless of it being about business or life, you have to know yourself first. You cannot guide your family and others without knowing yourself.”

Though it takes most people almost their entire life to get to know themselves, the key is still reflection.

Dimaunahan said, “What are your goals in life? What do I like to do now? Where am I compared to last where I would want to be? It changes the way you handle things as you age.”

Aside from mentoring, Dimaunahan is also an editor, author and host of V81 Radio Worldwide’s Startup Nation and Talk Shop Asia. In 2020, she founded “Covid Diaries: A Millennial Collaboration,” an advocacy that chronicles a millennial’s experience during the pandemic.

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