Longchamp’s new boutique is a Parisian apartment

Longchamp, the luxury French brand known for its leather goods, has unveiled a new design concept for its boutiques that is sure to make shoppers feel right at home.

Longchamp boutique pliage section.Longchamp boutique pliage section.

Longchamp boutique pliage section.

The Hot Zone overviewThe Hot Zone overview

The Hot Zone overview

Inspired by the quintessential Parisian apartment, the label's new concept reflects its heritage, savoir-faire, and its clients' values of creative curiosity and a cosmopolitan mindset. Each space in the boutique has its own special ambiance, just like in a private apartment.

The welcome area features a high desk referencing an authentic workshop table, showcasing the season's key pieces on bookshelf-inspired displays. The latest leather goods and accessories are juxtaposed with prints, books, and decorative objects that evoke the themes and colors of each collection.

The heart of Longchamp's Parisian apartment is the lounge, complete with typical Haussmannian moldings, vintage-style furniture, cozy rugs, and comfortable chairs. This is the perfect place to relax with a complimentary coffee, surrounded by a fascinating array of one-off objects that conjure the spirit of a cabinet of curiosities. In line with its unique status, Longchamp's iconic Le Pliage bag has a space all its own: a “library” wall energized by vertical stripes of pop color, behind which the bags are neatly stored in niches according to their color and format.

Longchamp's new design concept pays attention to every detail, reflecting the codes and values of the brand. Touches of heritage dark green evoke tradition and authenticity, while splashes of bold light green convey energy and modernity.

Another exciting feature of the new design concept is the presence, in every boutique, of at least one item from the Longchamp archives.

The brand famously started life as a maker of leather-covered pipes and smokers' accessories, and these fascinating articles, placed alongside its contemporary collections, tell its story with wit and modernity.

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