LOOK: This Local Artist Creates 3D Paper Portraits of Adorable Pets

A lot of pet parents can’t get enough of showing off their fur babies to everyone, and that’s definitely understandable. Who wouldn’t enjoy sharing adorable pets with everybody?

In the past years, we’ve seen pictures of cute cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, and other pets printed on mugs, t-shirts, and even framed paintings. If you’re a pet parent and you already have all these things, here’s something you might want to look into if you can’t get enough of your beloved pet.

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Grace Enriquez of @cajadegracias is a local artist that creates 3D paper portraits featuring faces of adorable pets! These paper pet portraits (also fondly called “paw-traits”) feature the faces of pets made out of intricately cut colored paper.

All of these “paw-traits” are hand-drawn, hand-crafted, and 100% handmade! Enriquez shares that what she does is a “combination of paper sculpting and painting.”

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She got into the art of paper-cutting because she found that any type of art can be very therapeutic. She says that these artworks have giver her a way to cope emotionally and “survive” during the pandemic.

Enriquez reveals that some people have been urging her to just buy a digital cutting machine to help her cut down on time and effort. “It’s sad that people don’t see the value of creating with your hands!” she says.

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With each paw-trait she creates, Enriquez starts by sketching the pet’s face on paper. Then, she cuts pieces of color according to the sketch in a way that allows her to layer the paper. This creates the 3D effect that makes your fur baby’s face pop out quite literally from the paper.

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It’s not an easy feat; the patience and attention to detail that it takes for the completion of this type of art is definitely a great talent.

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While she’s more focused on creating paper portraits of cats, dogs, and other pets, she also creates other 3D images such as cars, food, and human faces!

She accepts commissioned work, so be sure to reach out through her social media pages (@cajadegracias) for your very own 3D paper paw-trait.

Photo from @cajadegracias

What do you think of her art? Share your thoughts with us!

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