LOOK: This Netizen Shows Off Her Massive Coca-Cola Collection

It takes a certain kind of perseverance, commitment, and patience for a person to build a great collection of anything. That’s why it’s always so cool to see people showing off their collections; it’s one instant way to see what a person loves.

Just recently, people on social media were given the chance to see the grand Coca-Cola collection of Richell Malibiran.

Photos from Richell Malibiran

Malibiran is a 41-year old collector with approximately 3,000 Coca-Cola items!

She shares with WhenInManila.com that she started collecting these items when a late friend gave her a Coca-Cola glass. From there, she started collecting merchandise from fast food joints and, eventually, she got items from Facebook groups, too.

Photo from Richell Malibiran

Malibiran shares that growing her Coca-Cola collection led her to make new friends with the same interest as hers.

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In a Facebook post that instantly went viral, she shows off the massive Coca-Cola collection she keeps at her home. She’s got a variety of limited edition bottles, Coca-Cola refrigerators, shirts, vintage cards, and even bedsheets!

Photo from Richell Malibiran

She was even able to make her own dress out of soda can tabs.

Malibiran happily shares with us the many friendships she formed as she grew her collection and that many of the items she has were given to her by other collectors. She says that she appreciates how collections can teach people to treasure even the smallest things.

Her awesome Coca-Cola collection is definitely worth sharing!

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