Make way for Chinese drama

METV handpicks the Chinese series and documentaries which will be shown on Philippine TV to make sure that the titles match the taste of the Filipino audience.

Millions of TV series and movies are being produced in different parts of the world, and this is where METV (Multimedia Entertainment) comes into the picture.

METV's primary goal is to bring much of this content to Philippine shores.

“Our partnership with foreign producers with the help of APEC Media, our partner based in Australia, has given us the opportunity to distribute their TV shows, documentaries and movies to the Philippines' top TV networks. We are starting off with the China Theater series,” says Peter Paul Sales, managing director of METV.

In case his name rings a bell — if not a belfry — Peter Sales is a former radio jock, a.k.a. Tito Potato, and the former station manager of Wow FM.

Chinese movies and TV shows are truly the omnipresent staples of the Filipino and Chinese entertainment groups who have supported and shared METV's advocacy in exchanging ideas, culture and knowledge through entertainment.

METV handpicked the Chinese series and documentaries which will be shown on Philippine TV to make sure that the titles match the discriminating taste of the Filipino audience.

“Our easiest access is China because we had worked with them before, and our ties with Australia are as close to the Chinese group.

“We buy the materials and produce our own titles and contents. APEC Media International wants to get the account, and copyright para mas mababa ang presyo and it's okay with China basta ang deal is to air it on mainstream TV,” Sales clarifies.

Some of the titles of the teleserye and documentary include “Hot Mom,” “Ang Mga Simula sa Buhay,” “Dalawang Daang Taon ng Operasyon” and “Asya at Ang Tanglaw ng Sibilisasyon.”

Among these, Hot Mom is everyone's favorite, even among media and TV executives who attended the latest mediacon at My Cinema Greenbelt 3.

“'Yung lalake sa Hot Mom, sikat talaga siya, inilabas na ang TV series na 'yan sa Europe and nag-click!”

The cast of Hot Mom includes Betty Sun, Xia Bing, Zhang Yi, Yuan Bao, Ming Dao, Bao Shuai, Vivian Wu, Li Mu Zi, Morni Chang, Luo Tian, Paul Chun and Xia Jian Guo.

“Mga January or February, it will be aired on mainstream TV, and as of now, we are in the process of negotiations with AllTV. One of our main goals right now is that of a Chinese teleserye which we expect to soar to fame. Ang C-drama is very relatable as far as the Pinoy viewers' everyday lives are concerned.

“We hope the Filipino audience will accept the titles of our C-drama as films or TV series like normal entertainment materials,” Peter speaks with high hopes.

Well, don't you think it's about time we embraced Chinese drama as much as the other Asian TV shows which are integrated into our pop culture?

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GUESS WHO? At one point in her life, this veteran actress (VA) used to live a wayward life.

Yes, she was once hooked on drugs.

Her actor-son resented it that out of rebellion, he, too, got himself embroiled in the same situation.

Once, the VA was invited by a celebrity friend (CF) to her house for merienda.

The CF was totally clueless about the VA's activities until the latter suddenly took interest in what was laid on the table — cow's milk in tetra pack.

Quietly, the VA held the tetra pack as she closely examined it.

“You can have it if you like,” the CF told the VA.

To the CF's surprise, the VA held it close to her eyes and made a cow's sound: “Moo…moo…moo!”

That did it.

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