Marcos calls for freedom from COVID, ‘cancel culture’

President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. expressed optimism Sunday that the Philippines can hurdle the challenges it is facing because of the Filipinos’ intellect and resilience.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

“Freedom from the occupier, from the effects of the pandemic, or from fragmentation. The qualities needed to rise up and be successful are inherent in our blood,” Marcos said, in his vlog uploaded on his YouTube channel on Sunday.

Marcos’s statement came as the country commemorated its 124th Independence Day.

Marcos said that the qualities that the country’s heroes exhibited over a century ago are the same ones that will help Filipinos be free from the challenges facing the country.

“Talent, genius, bravery, and above all, love for our own Philippines have been the foundation of our freedom from then until now,” he said.

Marcos cited the country’s liberation from the threats of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

He assured the public that he and his economic team were already thinking of ways to help affected sectors recover from the effects of the health crisis.

“The welfare of our workers, of our small businesses, the various other sectors that until now have not returned to normal, that is what we continue to discuss with all the best experts we can talk to,” the President-elect said.

Marcos said he was pleased that many countries, particularly those from Southeast Asia, have pledged to help the Philippines recover from the pandemic.

“The relationship formed by this group is important to protect our peace and tranquility in the region, and trade and other interests that will benefit our country,” Marcos said.

The President-elect also said he aspires to see the Philippines freed from “backward, judgmental, and destructive thinking that broughtanger, disgust, and division among Filipinos.”

“Whether it is ‘cancel culture,’ discrimination, violent hate crimes, all of that is no longer acceptable in our modern times. All of that hurts our society and slows down our recovery and development,” he said.

“I hope we do not succumb to such thinking. Extend our respect, acceptance, and understanding for each other,” he said.

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