Marissa Del Mar’s ‘OFW’ Party-List gets support from Pres. Duterte & BBM-Sara UniTeam

In a press launch with some friends from the entertainment media, the ever-glowing movie star in the '80s – Marissa Del Mar – breezed through her advocacy on hand like it was second skin to her.

Recalling, Marissa was my favorite item to write about in my column in Extra Hot Jingle Magazine, the leading breakthrough fan magazine at the time. She was also the favorite of Guilbert Guillermo, our publisher- founder of Jingle Clan Magazine who had a soft heart for the underrated with talent.

Marissa Del Mar, No. 49 OFW Party-List first nominee

Marissa Del Mar, No. 49 OFW Party-List first nominee

Sadly, the industry's maverick and iconic publisher Guillermo recently passed away due to a lingering illness. “He was such a big loss,” Marissa lamented.

This movie star turned-public servant is now in her 22th year of advocating for the welfare of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) through her regular show on free TV that she herself had been hosting and consistently getting a global airing in other surfaces of the social media.

Through her show, Marissa has circumnavigated the world so to speak. She recently has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin about the possibility of repatriating OFWs in Russia and Ukraine who are now caught in conflict with the war over there. In the past, she has facilitated the repatriation of OFWs caught in the war in Syria, etc.

Recently, the Philippine consulate general in Hong Kong extended his thanks to OFW (One Filipinos Worldwide) Party First nominee Marissa Magsino, popularly known for her screen name as Marissa Del Mar, for caring for 217,000 overseas Filipino workers afflicted with Covid-19 on China's administrative island.

She has so much to disclose about having extended a helping hand to OFWs in that direction, but this will fill-up a number of pages.

Jonathan Bocaling, endorses Marissa Del Mar through BBM 2.0 app

Jonathan Bocaling, endorses Marissa Del Mar through BBM 2.0 app

Talking of authentic achievements in public service, Marissa deserves much more elevating acknowledgment than those dime-a-dozen awards from vacuous award-giving bodies instituted like a self-sustaining 'racket' cottage industry in this country. Marissa deserves no less than a Medal, a Presidential Merit from Malacañang Palace, and why not?

Nonetheless, she has been accorded full support by Pres. Rodrigo Roa-Duterte in her recent Party-List venture for mobilizing the private sector and founding the Anti-Human Trafficking OFW Movement or ATOM.

“Pres. Duterte was our keynote speaker.Since then, he would always mention in his speeches about the matter which ignited the support of various public and private organizations to unite in fighting said heinous crimes related to human trafficking that even includes innocent babies,” Marissa shared.

Fortuitously, Marissa's Party-List recently also got the official endorsement of the worldwide “BBM 2.0” movement, an app originated and invented by its cyberspace brainer, charismatic rock star of IT Jonathan 'Atan' Bocaling; he is also the National Chairman of BBM- SARA as represented by his invention.

This app says Jonathan has the capacity and power much like a feeling and loving human algorithm to monitor and keep track of the ever-growing and mounting BBM-SARA supporters and loyalists in the country, and throughout the globe.

Present at the endorsement of Marissa's Party-List were some celebrities like Elizabeth Oropesa, Zyruz Imperial, Tanya Gomez, Liz Alindogan, film director Dave Cecilio, DJ Durano, yours truly, etc. It's short of saying Marissa's Party-List is in good hands under the 'BBM 2.o' app.

Marissa's No. 49 OFW Party-List has Jerry Alfante as second nominee, and women's rights advocate Marcelina Sun as third nominee.

When asked what track record they have in public service, Marissa was quick to joke in a whim, “Kami po ay bago man sa pulitika, kami po ay lumang-luma na sa serbisyo,” a statement that she has uttered lightly but definitely bears a lot of truth.

For instance, Marissa has already served as Charter President of Rotary Club of Makati Nielsen, Charter President of Katipunan ng OFW Lady Eagles Club and Founding President of Buhay OFW Foundation and Anti Trafficking OFW Movement (ATOM).

This iron lady also advocates women empowerment, gender equality, and protecting the rights and welfare of Filipinos from scheming recruitment predators.

“As a TV host, Rotarian and public servant for more than 20 years, I have always believed that OFWs should be loved and appreciated in the highest possible sense, especially that their remittances keep the country afloat. Can you imagine that last year (2021), the remittances of our OFWs have reached a record-high of $34.88 Billion? That only shows how much they work hard despite the threats of the COVID-19 pandemic,” pointed out the veteran TV host.

No. 49 OFW Party-List continues to live by their goals of urging more Filipinos to heed to the call of genuine progress that the nation has long deserved- the alpha of service and the passion that sustains them through the cacophony of corrupt politicians' voices in the wilderness.

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