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‘Masarap’: Janella Salvador, Win Metawin share kiss in ‘Under Parallel Skies’ teaser

MANILA, Philippines — 28 Squared Studios and Two Infinity Entertainment released the first teaser trailer for its upcoming movie "Under Parallel Skies" starring Janella Salvador and Thailand's Win Metawin.

The teaser begins with Win's character staring out toward Hong Kong, exclaiming he's a bird, when suddenly Janella's character pulls him back, believing he was going to jump.

"I'm not gonna jump, I'm gonna fly because I'm a bird!" Win's character says to which Janella's character replies, "I like your bird… I mean, it's good that you want to be a bird."

The nighttime scene then cuts to Win's character finally finding his mother, who imparts to him to never let go of happiness should he find it.

The two leads spend more time together and as the title appears over Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor, Janella's character ponders, "It's a sign that good things never last."

Win's character, however, responds, "Good things may come to an end, but new good things will arise from endings," and the two then share a kiss.

"You don't like it?" Janella's character says upon seeing a puzzled face, but Win's character replies, "Ma-sa-rap" which has them both giggling.

The film written and directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo is slated for an April 2024 release.

The filmmaker previously told Philstar.com her admiration for Janella and Win's hard work, "[They] brought their own perspectives, acting styles and nuances to their characters, which added depth and authenticity to the story."

Sigrid also said she had no hesitations accepting the project and drew inspiration from various sources for the screenplay such as personal experiences, actual love stories, the complexities of human relationships, and Hong Kong itself.

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