‘Masasaktan ka lang if didikit ka kay James’: Nadine responds to unsolicited advice about moving on

After announcing their breakup in January 2020, James Reid and Nadine Lustre appeared to remain close, notably with their close collaboration on the latter’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ album, which was released under Reid’s record label. YouTube: Careless Music

MANILA — A “relationship” isn’t necessarily romantic, Nadine Lustre pointed out, as she responded to an unsolicited advice about moving on from a breakup.

Pertaining to an interview where she admitted to still be in the process of healing from her breakup with James Reid, Lustre tweeted early this week the dictionary definition of “relationship” — “the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.”

Lustre said she shared the definition so her followers won’t “get any ideas,” and to address in advance “assumptions” they may have.

ima put this here before u get any ideas pic.twitter.com/AILf01CM8E

— Nadine Lustre (@hello_nadine) March 22, 2021

Prior to the release of her Nylon Manila interview, Lustre and Reid were rumored to have rekindled their romance, owing to frequent sightings of them together after, as well as their close collaboration on their respective music releases.

However, Lustre’s admission of still moving on put to rest that speculation once and for all.

“I've always been afraid of being left behind,” she said in the interview. “I’m afraid of being abandoned, because that’s how it feels when you’re in a relationship for a long time and you separate. It changes you a lot. It makes you feel like there was something wrong with you that’s why the person left you. Before, I would blame myself. I would think to myself: ‘May pagkukulang ako or may ginawa ako.’”

“But you know, I would say I’m slowly ascending from that trauma. You can’t put a timeline on it. It’ll just happen.”

Responding to Lustre’s tweet about her fans having “assumptions,” a follower tweeted the actress, saying that is the case “because you contradict what you’re saying.”

The follower then gave unsolicited advice to Lustre about coping with a heartbreak: “If move on, move on na… Masasaktan ka lang if didikit ka kay James kahit may new GF na siya. Imbes maka-heal ka, lalo ka lang masasaktan.”

To date, Reid has not gone on record about being in a new relationship.

Answering the follower, Lustre circled back to her previous point about the definition of a relationship, tweeting, “Di ko kasalanan kung ang ‘relationship’ lang na alam mo is romantic.”

di ko kasalanan kung ang "relationship" lang na alam mo is romantic

— Nadine Lustre (@hello_nadine) March 22, 2021

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