‘Meat’ your Christmas

Big City’s US Pork Smoked Bratwurst. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF BIG CITY

Despite being forced to be apart this year due to the onslaught of coronavirus, friends and families have found ways to be able to come together without putting each other at risk and while keeping each one’s good health and well-being.

And in true Filipino fashion, once there is a gathering of any sort, a wide array of food and delicacies follow suit especially now that the holidays are fast approaching.

Noche Buena and Media Noche, when a room is typically full of laughter and loud conversations among family members, may have to be modified this year with meals served before a laptop while Zooming with family or friends.

Make the new-normal way of celebrating the holidays special with US Meats that are available at the special weekend booths located at Glorietta Activity Center from 12 to 13 December and at The Block in SM North EDSA from 19 to 20 December.


US Meats are also available in local restaurants like Burgoo, Yabu, Soban K-town Grill, Marugame, Outback Steakhouse, Teriyaki Boy, Pepper Lunch, Big City, Yoshinoya, TGIFriday’s, Number 1 Barbecues, Conti’s, Jinjoo Korean Grill and many more.

One can never go wrong with pork and beef but one can also do so much better with US Pork and US Beef that are of high quality and guaranteed wholesome. These imported meats are well-known for stringent food safety standards that have become even more valuable during these unprecedented times.

For the pork and beef connoisseurs, US Pork is known for its uniquely sweet taste and tender and juicy meat from US-bred pigs fed with freshly sourced corn and soybean. US Beef is well-marbled, tender and packs the juice because the cattle are fed on a nutritionally balanced high-energy diet consisting mainly of corn. All of these offers are graded and inspected by the US Department of Agriculture.

Outback Steakhouse’s 6 oz US Beef Sirloin Seared Cut. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE

Customers are advised to keep their receipts as extra treats can be claimed at US Meats’ booths in Glorietta and The Block malls. Anyone with a receipt worth at least P500 of US Pork or US Beef dishes from restaurants or US Meats products from supermarkets can hand them in and redeem a special holiday present. Any receipt from 1 to 20 December of this year will be eligible.

Booths will have a health check and mask and face shield requirement for all who enter, will maintain social distancing guidelines and provide a designated sanitation area with all the necessary equipment.

Visit US Meats booth at the Glorietta Activity Center and The Block in SM North EDSA and get your hands on tasty and juicy, high-quality US meats for the holidays.

Credit belongs to : www.tribune.net.ph

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