Messenger users report lost files

NETIZENS are complaining that they lost all their files that were uploaded on Messenger.

According to Down Detector on Thursday, there were around 600 reports from 1:47 p.m. to 2:02 p.m., of problems using the Meta-based application

BLACKOUT Messenger not showing any media files. SCREENGRAB FROM MESSENGER APP

“Life update? Eto nagluluksa sa pagkawala ng old photos ko sa Messenger,” (I'm mourning the loss of my old photos on Messenger.) @nickschix wrote on Twitter.

“So, apparently all my media files and links have been wiped out from Facebook Messenger when the app was down the other day. Check your media, files and link folder on your Messenger to see if previously shared images are still there. Mine is gone,” tweeted @napoleonwii.

Even activist group Alliance of Concerned Teachers noticed it.

“Some teacher- netizens have reported experiencing problems in using Facebook Messenger today,” they wrote on Twitter.

Although, upon checking the Messenger platform status on Meta's website said there were “no known issues.”

“The service is up and running with no known issues,” the status wrote.

As of posting time, neither Meta nor its Messenger platform has made any statement regarding the matter.

On Tuesday, a similar incident prompted netizens to tweet #MessengerDown, though it was not clear what caused the glitch.

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