Mic drop for Jordan Fall’s ‘Essential’

Jordan Fall

Jordan Fall

Filipino Canadian hip-hop artist Jordan Fall zoom in on love in his latest single titled “Essential.”

“Essential is a personal time stamp song about a fast-moving romantic relationship while the world stood still during Covid-19,” Fall introduced. “It's an expression of a rollercoaster experience — the transition process going from lust to the need of connection in a time of isolation.”

The song hits close to home for Fall as it is about a very personal experience. He had a short-lived romantic relationship during the lockdown. Making himself vulnerable, the artist openly touches on how the chase for lust transformed into a desire for personal connection during a particularly unsettling and stressful time of isolation. Throughout the song, he sustained the soulful yet steady vibe.

With the newly released single comes a music video produced under the helm of actor-director Keethan Krish. The video presents the story of how power shifts between two people in a relationship. It showcases that what once served as a simple desire can instantly evolve into dependence.

The video was shot in a greenhouse built in an underground tunnel of an old factory in Hamilton, Ontario. The director intended the greenhouse to feel like a secret terrarium that could also house a scientific experience. Krish's past work has experimented with data moshing, glitch art, archival footage, and an ode to classic filmmaking and editing. It was intentional, according to producers, to make the viewer experience the darker tones of the music to drive the pace of the visuals.

Talent is magnified and multiplied in Fall's circle as he enjoys the privilege of working with industry experts. Before this fresh release, Jordan dropped “Server$,” featuring Grammy-nominated Sean Leon, and Grammy and JUNO Award-nominated Keavan Yazdan directed the music video for it.

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