‘Moist na moist, masarap kainin!’ Sarah G turns red over Vicki Belo’s naughty jokes during baking tutorial

Sarah Geronimo reacts to a naughty question from Vicki Belo in the latter’s recent YouTube vlog. YouTube: Dr. Vicki Belo

MANILA — Vicki Belo had no shortage of naughty jokes for Sarah Geronimo about married life, as the newlywed singer’s baking tutorial prompted comments with double meaning from the celebrity doctor.

Geronimo, who has maintained a conservative image throughout her 17-year career, could only grin at most of Belo’s jokes, or quickly diverted the topic back to the steps of baking banana bread, as seen in the doctor’s recent YouTube vlog.

Belo, for example, quizzed Geronimo about her sleeping position with her husband, actor Matteo Guidicelli, even asking whether they like “spooning.”

“Okay naman po,” the pop star awkwardly responded, before laughing at her own answer.

Geronimo then quickly fetched the next ingredient, triggering laughter on set.

“Huy, pumupula na siya,” Belo observed.

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The conversation came up when they both commented on the smell of vanilla extract, one of the ingredients, leading to the analogy of having to smell good as a married person who now shares a bed with someone.

In other parts of the vlog, Belo similarly teased Geronimo with comparisons of ingredients and intimacy in married life, from “beating” the mixture, the bread dough “rising,” and the “moist” texture of the bread.

Belo also used her clinic’s famous tagline in one portion, telling Geronimo, “Only Matteo touches your skin!”

Aside from Belo’s naughty jokes, their conversation did delve into more serious topics, from Geronimo admittedly seeking “validation” as a wife, Guidicelli being the “clingy” one in the relationship, and their recent move to a new home.

Belo and her husband, Hayden Kho, are known to be close friends of Geronimo and Guidicelli. The doctor’s family even accompanied the newlywed couple during their July honeymoon.

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