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‘Mothers know best’

Power diva Angeline Quinto CONTRIBUTED PHOTOSPower diva Angeline Quinto CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

Power diva Angeline Quinto CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

After giving birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy almost a year ago, power diva Angeline Quinto had a eureka moment. Unsure whether she had any motherly instincts, she spent a good part of the nine-month pregnancy worried, first and foremost, if she could even carry her little bundle properly.

True enough, when delivery day came, and she safely gave birth to her sweet son Silvio, Angeline panicked as the nurse tried to give her her baby.

Recalling the moment, Angeline hilariously acted out how she reacted during this interview. In Filipino, she shrieked while frantically waving her hands away, “He's too tiny! I can't carry him. I might hurt him!”

The nurse, thankfully, had the right words for the first-time mom who just confided she was still lacking the proverbial maternal instinct she needed at that moment.

Quinto, fiance Nonrev Daquina and their son SilvioQuinto, fiance Nonrev Daquina and their son Silvio

Quinto, fiance Nonrev Daquina and their son Silvio

“Sabi sa akin ng nurse, 'Ma'am, hindi kita tuturuan hawakan siya subukan mo lang. Tapos pagbuhat ko sa kanya marunong pala ako,” the 32-year-old singer happily shared. [The nurse told me, I won't teach you how to do it. Just try it. And when I did, apparently I knew how to do it.]

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Now experienced in the reality of sleepless nights, round-the-clock feeding, colic nightmares, burping and endless diaper-changing, Angeline is thoroughly enjoying being mama. She cannot say it's been easy, but both the good and challenging days are emotionally rewarding.

“Gusto kong maiyak sa tuwa noong unang sinabi niya yung momma. Gusto kong ipaulit. Sabi nila mas magiging malapit s'ya sa akin dahil una niya akong tinawag,” she specially remembered. [I wanted to cry with joy when he first said mama. I want him to say it again. They said he would be closer to me because he called me first.]

Now that she knows — and is grateful — that motherhood comes naturally, she also realizes that once a woman becomes a mom, she becomes extra careful and discerning about everything to do with her baby. So much so, in fact, that not long after Silvio was born, she ventured into manufacturing a line of baby care products whose ingredients are proven safe for the most sensitive skin.

Calling the line Twinqle — the nickname her huge fanbase answers to — the line comprises baby shampoo, top-to-toe body wash, bar soap and atopic lotion, among others and even carries stretch marks oil and scar serum for mommy. Made with all-natural ingredients like argan oil, chamomile, aloe vera and so on, Angeline guarantees fellow “choosy moms” her products are essentials they can trust.

Mainly selling Twinqle's products online via dedicated media sites since launching late last year, the devoted mom related she is going full blast with a new business model now that Silvio will turn a year old on April 27.

Still speaking in Filipino, she explained, “My hope is that Twinqle will not only help moms easily and affordably access safe products for babies and themselves, but I also want the brand to serve as an income-generating opportunity for others.”

Keeping stay-at-home moms in mind, including budding entrepreneurs, Angeline is now in the thick of joining different expos and community reach outs to invite as many to go into business with her and become official resellers for Twinqle.

Grateful to have stumbled upon a business from just being a passionate mom, the ever-compassionate celebrity ended, “What better way to do this than to help others and other families grow with you, di'ba?”

Inquiries regarding Angeline Quinto's mom and baby products may be sent to [email protected] com.

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