Movie Producer Rina Navarro Reminds Parents to be Extra Cautious of COVID-19

As the Philippines’ COVID-19 cases soar, many families are struggling of keeping their kids safe especially with the delta variant.

Movie Producer and Businesswoman Rina Navarro reminds parents to be extra cautious as kids are now more at risk with the new variants. Her three-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter recently tested positive for COVID-19 and now recovering.

The 3-year-old Theodore and 8-year-old Rain has been staying at home but contracted the virus from someone in the household.

As Rina asked for prayers for her children, she also asked people to stay at home and stay safe. “I am encouraging people to stay at home, and also to refrain from accepting visitors since the most vulnerable nowadays are not just the old folks but the kids and even the babies,” Rina added.

“Being vaccinated doesn’t mean you are totally immune or you won’t be able to carry the virus. Always wear a facemask and face shield if you are in the company of kids and elders” she said.

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