‘My left eyeball is much bigger’: In selfie, Kris Aquino shows sign of her autoimmune disease

MANILA — Life goes on for actress-host Kris Aquino, as she shared on Thursday preparing for her fitness regimen while also pointing out a sign of her autoimmune disease.

“I’ll point it out,” she captioned a selfie she posted on Instagram.

“My left eyeball is much bigger and protrudes more visibly than my right. That’s an indication my autoimmune thyroiditis is acting up.”

Seen wearing a workout attire in the photo, Aquino teased she is “preparing” for something.

“I can’t do vigorous exercises but I read up on a few breathing and morning meditation I can try while working myself up to going back to a regular yoga practice,” she wrote.

Aquino, 49, was previously diagnosed with another autoimmune disease, chronic spontaneous urticaria, in late 2018.

Kris Aquino shows the physical effects of her autoimmune disease in October 2018. Instagram: @krisaquino

At the time, Aquino said she had been suffering from allergic reactions as early as 2013, belatedly confirmed to be effects of her illness.

She explained, citing her medical consultations and personal research, that when one is afflicted with an autoimmune disease, “the immune system mistakes part of your body — like your joints or skin — as foreign.”

“It releases proteins called autoantibodies that attack healthy cells,” she wrote in 2018.

In January 2019, Aquino then said that she is also battling a “form of lupus,” which makes her “allergic to every single medicine that can cure or manage your symptoms.”

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