NCCA assumes National Museum duties

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) has assumed several regulatory functions formerly carried out by the National Museum of the Philippines (NMP).

These include registration of cultural property; declaration and delisting of National Cultural Treasures (NCT) and Important Cultural Properties (ICP); regulation of declared NCTs and ICPs as well as presumed ICPs; removal of the presumption of ICPs; issuance of permits and certificates for the temporary or permanent exportation and importation of cultural properties where applicable, and licensing and regulation of dealers and exporters of cultural properties.

Other duties transferred to NCCA are the designation of heritage zones; regulation to assist indigenous peoples in preservation of their respective cultural and historical properties; and the implementation of Republic Act 9105 or the Art Forgery Act of 2001, which involves the creation and support of the Art Authentication Panel.

However, other regulatory functions — such as those covering archaeological and anthropological research and treasure hunting

— continue to be carried out by the NMP until further notice. Furthermore, all petitions, requests and matters pertaining to the aforementioned functions that were filed or submitted in 2020 remain with NMP through its Cultural Properties Regulation Division.

This transfer of functions took effect on 1 January 2021, pursuant to Section 30 of Republic Act 11333 or the National Museum of the Philippines Act and the memorandum of agreement dated 23 October 2020 between the two agencies. This is provided by Republic Act 4846, Presidential Decree 260, Presidential Decree 374, Presidential Decree 1109, Republic Act 8492, Republic Act 9105, Republic Act 10066 and all other laws and issuances amending or citing as legal basis the same.

For further information and for services relative to the aforementioned functions, contact the NCCA Cultural Heritage Section at 85272196 local 339 or email at [email protected]

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