Negrense artists present visual stories of lockdown

‘Dungan sang Babaylan (Soul of a Babaylan)’, 2021, acrylic on canvas.

Artists Moreen Austria, Katarina Estrada, Karina Broce Gonzaga, Elwah Gonzales, Erika Mayo, Megumi Miura, Angela Silva and Josephine Turalba were prompted by a single question: “How has the lockdown affected your experience as a Negrense artist?”

In doing so, they found themselves drawn back to their roots — retelling childhood tales, shared histories, and personal experiences. It is these personal experiences and reflections that inform all the pieces of the upcoming Salcedo Private View show.

“We’re excited to be able to showcase the works of these highly talented emerging artists from the Visayan region. Through their work, you can easily see how the common experience of lockdown has translated itself into various expressions of art,” says Salcedo Auctions managing director Victor Silvino.

“Salcedo Private View is the perfect platform to bring these stories to the art center of the country. A lot of the works carry deeply personal experiences but also point to the larger, shared past in the Visayas region.”

Karina Broce Gonzaga

For some artists like Estrada, Gonzales and Gonzaga, this led to recollections of childhood memories and stories from Visayan mythology, while Silva and Turalba traced the experiences of their respective families in the broader context of personal and collective memory.

Sculptors Miura and Austria and multimedia artist Mayo took cues from their lockdown experience to shed light on socio-cultural experiences specific to Negros, such as the peculiar and sudden popularity of online bartering, the plight of sugarcane farmers and the harsh reality that political activists face on a day-to-day basis.

Istorya Namon Subong: Our Stories Now, curated by Gina Jocson, runs both as a limited in-person and online exhibition until Saturday, 8 May. Safety protocols and social distancing must strictly be adhered to while in the galleries.

Katarina Estrada

Megumi Miura

Moreen Austria

ANGELA Silva’s special ALL

ABOUT HER exhibition collection.

‘Currency (X) Change’, 2021, mixed media.

‘Sino Dasun? (Who’s next?)’, 2021, acrylic sheet and acrylic on canvas.

‘Gumamela (Hibiscus)’, 2021, hand-cut old clothes.

‘Buklan (Boil)’, 2021, pen and ink on Hanji paper, metal leaf details (above) and ‘Kapawa (Illuminate)’

2021, acrylic on epoxy clay

‘Tawhay’ (Tranquil/Restful/Comfortable), 2021, mahjong set of 146 digital

laser-engraved and UV printed on ivory color hard plastic tiles, edition 1 of 13.

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