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STYLISH compact bag from Siklo Pilipinas.

“It’s the thought that counts,” as the old saying goes, whenever we give and receive gifts during the holiday season.

This, however, doesn’t mean we’ll just slack off when choosing presents to buy for our loved ones because, out there beyond the reaches of the malls, are more practical products and healthier produce being sold online by various social enterprises sourced directly from communities all over the country.

Maranao Collectibles:

Artisan langkit weaves

Born from a social enterprise aimed at rebuilding the lives of people displaced by the war in Marawi, the Maranao Collectibles by Salika & Jardin also managed to resurrect a dying cultural art form.

Today, with internally-displaced women and men who were trained to create heirloom langkit weaving, numerous kinds of langkit products are being marketed to the world.

Aside from gifting a special someone with a beautiful hand-woven Maranao fabric this holiday season, you also help in their advocacy of spreading and preserving the cultural art of langkit weaving.

BOURBON Pink Kinattibanglan.

Bayod: Handcrafted sustainable eyewear

To provide eco-friendly and affordable eyewear in the market is the vision of the people behind Bayod. Handcrafted from “responsibly-sourced bamboo within the ASEAN Free Trade Area,” Bayod eyewear boasts an edgy appearance.

HAMMOCK Republic’s ‘Duoyan’ hammock can also be used as a neck pillow.

Since every pair of Bayod eyewear isn’t the same, you’re certainly going to give a unique present. Stylish — check. Affordable — check. Eco-friendly — check. Perfect gift — check.

Hammock Republic: Hammocks with a twist

Wondering what to give to a backpacker friend? Then this might solve your problem.

Hammock Republic is founded by backpacker and popular travel blogger James Betia. When Betia went on a 100-day journey around the Philippines and another hundred more around Southeast Asia, he mostly slept in a hammock, which later turned out to be his start-up company’s maiden product: the “Duoyan” — a hammock that transforms into a travel neck pillow. Proven to be durable and created from recycled materials by artisan community mothers, you can’t find anything better than this to give to your traveler friend.

HAND-WOVEN Maranao fabrics.

Siklo Pilipinas: Bags for the vagabond

Continuing with the recycling theme of our list, Siklo Pilipinas’ collection of stylish bags and accessories made from upcycled inner tube rubber is becoming popular among the environmentally conscious crowd nowadays.

Aside from helping in the reutilizing movement of tire scraps, you also get a sturdy product because these materials are known for its durability. Plus, it’s waterproof.

Woven PH: Millennial ‘banig’

Tapping the weaving traditions and creativity of the women of Basey, Samar, Woven PH has successfully brought a new line of products made from materials used to make banig — Tikog grass.

Aside from leading a renaissance of interest in banig weaving, Woven PH has also come up with a millennial-friendly, banig-woven items.

“Bags and wallets were already being sold as souvenirs for tourists. So, we came up with gadget sleeves first because millennials today are never without their phones, tablets or laptops,” founder Trish Lim said.

Ifugao Nation: Weaves for conservation

Ifugao Nation is the social enterprise arm of the Save the Ifugao Terraces Movement — a grassroots organization with a mission to conserve the rice terraces of the Cordilleras and its culture.

By marketing woven works of men and women belonging to the Kiyyangan Weavers Association, Ifugao Nation not only promotes but also helps resurrect the dying heritage of weaving in the highlands of Northern Luzon.

WOVEN PH’s products are made from materials used to make banig.

Their products include woven scarves, traditional blankets, clothing wraps and accessories, table runners and, most recently, protective masks.

All their products are hand-dyed, handwoven and made from the finest materials such as polyester and cotton or simply says, “All Ifugao.”

The Local Goodness PH: Freshness and healthiness in a pack

Helping farmers from far-flung communities find a market for their fresh produce, the Local Goodness PH brings healthy and fresh goodness to your table through their products that include Turmeric and Ginger Tea (harvested from a farm in Mountain Province), Arabica and Medium Roast Coffee (from Benguet) and Palapa (from Marawi), among others.

“The idea for The Local Goodness was a bi-product from our travels with Meaningful Travels PH. In our explorations in rural communities, we met farmers who serve us their coffee and ginger teas, freshly harvested from their farms in the highlands” founder Anne Marie Cunanan said.

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