New Clark City: destination for sports and outdoor enthusiasts

Needs a break from the busy streets of Manila, and just breathe with nature?

DOMES VILLAGE Found along the River Park, it is a series of dome-like structures linked by suspended bridges. Created by artist Bernardo Pacquing, it’s a large-scale outdoor art installation and a playground, made out of reclaimed hardwood from old houses combined with custom-made steel connections (Images from BCDA website)

New Clark City re-launched with its new and more accessible facilities to accommodate visitors and tourists with the touch of modernization and nature theme.

From the iconic event of SEA Games 2019 to meaningful artworks of Tarlac’s local artists — there are more to see!

To start-off, the 9,450-hectare greenfield filled with land area of 3,500 hectares was built and some were still in progress. Yet, 6,000 hectares will be kept for open spaces for upland farming and forestry and to keep the green.

Another thing, it is accessible to visitors from Metro Manila with the help of North Luzon Expressway to Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway. Here are some fun and exciting activities you can do there.

New Clark City Aquatics Center

First on-the-list, the New Clark City Sports Complex. Consisting of three major facilities—the Athletics, Aquatics Center, and Athlete’s Village, this area is good for training and cultivation of every and aspiring athletes of our country. This is where the SEA Games 2019 took place when the Philippines hosted the event.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for events they also host here such as marathon, triathlon, swimming competition, and even zumba.

Next stop, River Park. This park is not just normal park, it features the breathtaking landscape of greenhouse and the artworks of Tarlac’s local artists such as Bea Valdes’ Sibol, Bernardo Pacquing’s “Domes Village,” Jude Tiotuico’s “Pag-ahon,” and Kenneth Cobonpue’s “Barrio.”

A little trivia, if you want to see the overview of New Clark City you can go to sit on the waterproof installation of the Barrio and take a deep breath with nature.

There are also food trucks and street concerts of Central Luzon Bands to enjoy at night. Finally, if you wish to just live here and be one with nature, you can purchase a condo unit at The Residences. They offer various sizes of rooms with many amenities.

Just a reminder, if you want to go there, you might want to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and comfortable footwear. Enjoy your adventure! —Contributed by Michaella Joy Tsuji, student from CMU

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