New strains are more contagious

The new Covid-19 variants are estimated to be 40 to 80 percent more transmissible than the earlier kind. While the new strains are known to be agile, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has yet to know how widely these variants can spread.

This is why triple protection from every mask is a must.

CopperMask 2.0, known as the “Masks of the Stars,” provides an almost guaranteed protection against the virus.

First, new and improved enclosed designs shielded by copper-infused films can kill 99.9-percent of bacteria and viruses. Second, the non-woven fabric beneath the film serves as the protection of both user and those around. Lastly, the geometric shape is fit for any face shape to allow better breathing experience while wearing the mask.

Wearing masks has been a mandatory routine to prevent infection of Covid-19. CopperMask 2.0 is a well-trusted choice.

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