New time travel in ‘The Eternal Love’ Season 3

Liang Jie and Xing Zhao Lin for ‘The Eternal Love 3.’

Qu Tan’er, Qu Xiaotan, Mo Lian Cheng and Mo Yi Huai are back on the small screen as the first few episodes of The Eternal Love Season 3 are finally available to stream on WeTV.

In previous seasons, the normally gentle and calm Qu Tan’er attempts to take her own life because of love. She has been promised to Mo Lian Cheng, the eighth prince of Dongyue despite having feelings for Mo Yi Huai.

Then her opposite in personality inhabits her body. Qu Xiaotan is wild, extroverted and from a different time. They switch places when they lie or fall unconscious.

Mo Lian Cheng suspects the sudden changes in personality and falls hard for Qu Xiaotan.

In another lifetime where Mo Lian Cheng is the only one who has memories of his affection towards Qu Xiaotan, he made it his mission to make her fall in love all over again.

The third season will tackle Qu Tan’er’s journey into a different time where gender roles are reversed and men are not treated as equals.

During that lifetime, she’ll meet Mo Lian Cheng but it’s still uncertain whether love will flourish this time around.

The Eternal Love Season 1 and 2 are available for streaming on WeTV while Season 3 drops fresh episodes every Monday to Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Download the WeTV app from the App store and Google Play and subscribe for only P99 monthly, P269, quarterly and P999 annually to get the optimum watching experience.

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