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New Year, new home screen

What is on your home screen for 2024? Well, I have two focus modes on my iPhone that show different home screens, as the two other modes, Fitness and Sleep, essentially are blank. The first focus mode is Personal, an after-work, weekends and holidays default home screen. It used to contain more applications, but this year’s “Simplify” theme forced me to remove quite a number of them, besides, I can always swipe right for more widgets, swipe left for the App gallery, or swipe down to access Search.


The next most-used focus mode is Work. This automatically gets activated every weekday from 8AM to 5PM, even when I am working from home. My Personal focus mode was set to also check if I am at home and automatically gets triggered, but working from home messes it up, so I turned it off. Work mode allows message notifications from work contacts to appear, otherwise notifications from select family contacts only appear.


The Smart Stack widget for Work focus mode provides quick access to more applications, such as Calendar, Weather, Windscribe VPN, DuckDuckGo search, quick access to some shortcuts, and battery info.

Starting 2024 with the minimal home screen theme. We will see how long this will continue, hopefully until next year. How about you, do you plan on changing your home screens?

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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