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Nicole Asensio celebrates what matters most in new single

In a world where things seem fleeting, it becomes vital to cherish the moments and people that truly matter. Recognizing the transient nature of life, Nicole Asensio dedicates her latest song, “What Matters Most,” to the individuals who have remained in her life and who continues to inspire her musical journey.

The talented musician shared that the single was “penned with sleep-deprived eyes during a hot summer sunrise,”emerging after a productive production session.

Nicole Asensio dedicates her latest song, ‘What Matters Most,’ to the individuals who have remained in her life.
Nicole Asensio dedicates her latest song, 'What Matters Most,' to the individuals who have remained in her life.

Certain songs demand a classic touch that harkens back to their roots. The primary goal of What Matters Most was to maintain an era-accurate sound while incorporating modern treatment and post-production techniques.

Asensio and producer Gabe Dandan found themselves captivated by the blues-infused soundtrack of the film “Cadillac Records,” featuring legendary artists such as Etta James, Muddy Waters, and Howlin' Wolf. Drawing inspiration from the quartet music of the 1950s and 1960s, Asensio's vocal versatility effortlessly melds with this nostalgic setting.

Undoubtedly, “What Matters Most” is a love song. It carves out a space in time for Asensio to freely celebrate the euphoria and all-encompassing feeling of being loved. The lyrics and simple melody had been simmering in Asensio's mind for weeks, but it was the revisitation of blues greats that shaped the final form of the song.

“We finished recording the demo at 7:30 a.m. and for the sake of staying loyal to the song's theme…. went out for a stack of celebratory pancakes.”

Asensio's collaboration with producer Dandan has been characterized by instant and natural writing chemistry. Their dynamic allows for uninhibited expression and understanding of each other's creative palettes and processes.

Starting with Asensio's hummed melodies, Dandan adeptly constructs accompanying chords, creating a solid foundation for the song's development. Joining forces with veteran producer and composer Dan Gil, as well as talented musicians Gavino Sabalburo, Marvin Querido, and the ONQ studio, the recording process was infused with laughter, camaraderie, and musical synergy.

Throughout the production, there was a temptation to add a horn section or backup vocals. However, Asensio's fellow musicians encouraged her to preserve the song's simplicity, lightness, and joy. The instrumentation remained minimal, allowing the focus to be on the honest expression and musical sensibilities of the band. The decision to resist embellishments ultimately contributed to the song's genuine and heartfelt essence.

Post-production and spatial audio expertise from Waxified Sound Production elevated What Matters Most to encapsulate the nostalgic atmosphere of a 1960s diner.

Mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos by Waxie Joaquin, the production flawlessly recreates the retro sound, highlighting Asensio's unique vocals as they blend harmoniously with the band's well-crafted musicality. The result is a timeless yet contemporary take on blues, reminiscent of a red-hot lipstick stain on a strawberry milkshake.

As Asensio looks ahead, she anticipates releasing a diverse array of music in the coming months. Collaborating with different musicians ensures that each song becomes a special treat, with the creative process remaining her greatest passion. The importance of patience, trust, and time in releasing each composition into the world has become evident to Asensio. With gratitude for everyone who has been part of her musical journey, she invites all to celebrate love and cherish every moment with the ones who matter most.

The music video for “What Matters Most” is scheduled for a mid-July release. Asensio has planned a double music video launch event, which will include the unveiling of another secret music video. This public event will take place on August 1 at 9 p.m. in Salon De Ning, Manila Peninsula Hotel.

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