Nora Aunor’s ‘Kontrabida’ to compete in an int’l film fest

More on Cosmo Manila King and Queen and Gwyneth Dorado's 'Tulala'

‘Kontrabida’ director Adolf Alix Jr. with Superstar Nora Aunor PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK/ADOLFO BORINAGA ALIX JR.

‘Kontrabida’ director Adolf Alix Jr. with Superstar Nora Aunor PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK/ADOLFO BORINAGA ALIX JR.

It is very good news indeed that the movie “Kontrabida,” starring Supersar and National Artist Nora Aunor is in competition in a prestigious international film festival.

The production team of “Kontrabida” said they cannot reveal yet as to which festival the film is competing but even so, this bit of news is enough to generate excitement since it had been quite a while since a Nora Aunor film was chosen for a festival.

“Kontrabida,” directed by Adolf Alix Jr. is a one-of-a-kind role for the actress since this the first time she agreed to portray an anti-hero role.

Produced by Joed Serrano, the movie had long been in the can but they are waiting for the right time to release it in cinemas.

That's why it is a very welcome news that “Kontrabida” has been chosen to compete in a major festival.

Among the movies of Ate Guy that competed in festivals abroad were “The Flor Contemplacion Story” (for which she won Best Actress at the Cairo International Film Festival) and “Thy Womb” which was acclaimed both here and abroad.

It's been quite a while since a movie of Ate Guy competed in an international film festival so this news is truly exciting.


Cosmo Manila King and Queen contestants

Cosmo Manila King and Queen contestants

Model, businessman and film producer Marc Cuballes' latest project is the Cosmo Manila King and Queen, a contest for the hottest and sexiest guy and girl this side of Manila.

Helping him put up this event is professional production who is taking the event seriously.

“Directing the show is Bembem who has been in the industry for ages and Direk Leklet Tumalad is also working hard to help the event a success,” said Marc.

“I think Filipinos have an edge in sexy competitions like this. We trust that we will choose the hottest and sexiest model to be the first ever Cosmo Manila King and Queen this coming October 23.”

The Finals Night will be held at Le Reve Events Venue located at #26 Sgt. Esguerra, South Triangle, Quezon City.

Exciting prizes await the winners. The title holder will win P100,000; First Runner Up P40,000; Second Runner Up P30,000; Third Runner Up P20,000, and Fourth Runner Up P15,000.

“The prizes are quite high but we promise to give the cash prizes on the spot so we are really preparing hard for the pageant. I am raising the bar for this pageantry. The models and the managers deserve better venue and prizes,” added Marc.

“The models who will wear very skimpy swimwear also made a lot of preparation and sacrifices to give it their best shot. That is why I am giving them a better venue, bigger prize and better publicity.”

Marc also said that Finding Daddy Blake, the movie that he produced and is directed by Jay Alterejos will be released soon. He had a special preview of the film for some friends and they were pleased after watching the film.


Gwyneth Dorado

Gwyneth Dorado

Set for release in streaming platforms today is the song “Tulala,” an original composition of Asia's Got Talent Season 1 Finalist Gwyneth Dorado, a talent of Virtual Playground.

Some of Gywneth's original compositions were used in the OST of “Pansamantagal' and the Upstream Original movie “Happy Times.”

She had appeared in the Philippine run of international musical plays namely “Annie” and “The Sound of Music.”

Gwyneth is open to the possibility of taking a leave from her studies if she gets numerous offers to do singing engagements.

Besides, she can enroll in an online class if needed be although she doesn't see a problem with that since her parents are supportive of her singing career.

She said she will accept any opportunity to sing. “I will always sing if there is a chance. My voice has improved a lot since she competed in Asia's Got Talent. And I can sing a lot without getting tired and my choice of songs became diverse after I tried musical theater.”

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