Nostalgia eating

Sharing meals with family and friends add to the nostalgia factor. PHOTO FROM PEXELS.COM

Sharing meals with family and friends add to the nostalgia factor. PHOTO FROM PEXELS.COM

Ah, to eat fondly with good memories.

If there is one thing that Filipinos are known for, it is our innate trait of being emotional in so many ways. Our emotions are heightened whenever there are events that take place especially when it involves family and friends. Now combine that with food and you have the recipe of what it takes to create a truly nostalgic experience (although the experience shall be in retrospect) later on, and surely a filling way of not just nourishing our body but also our soul.

What started as a viral tweet of a man dining in Tropical Hut Hamburger's branch during a holiday prompted a nostalgia spark within the foodie community so much so that people went themselves to the food chain to experience the nostalgia all over again. Some quipped their experiences with fond memories of their fathers (classic burger won't be the same without Daddy, in my own experience), while others joined the bandwagon by trying the other enjoyable dishes (spring chicken, macaroni salad, to name a few).

Nostalgia eating not just covers the place where you eat but also the food itself and the people you are with. Food and the stories behind the food are essentially where heirloom recipes come from. When browsing through recipe books one would almost always encounter the stories behind such recipes and possibly the localization it brings, hence adding more nostalgia to the experience.

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The connections, or people also play a crucial factor. Enjoying and sharing meals with family, friends and loved ones add to the nostalgia factor, especially when there are family favorites or pairings that are served.

In Davao, my Auntie Reggie would regale me with stories from her mother on how important it is especially on family occasions to make sure that dishes are always served in pairs.

Similarly, Noche Buena on my maternal side will not be complete without my Tita Glo's chicken galantina or my Tita Cora's leche flan. In my everyday cooking, I try to incorporate my late mother's dishes too to always remember her by and the memories once shared.

This is what I love about nostalgia eating, and that viral tweet just really highlighted our penchant not just for good food but also for memories, making this so good for the soul. In a way, it empowers us to create memories that would later on be recalled fondly by loved ones, viral tweet or not.

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