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Nova Scotia’s Bayleigh Pelham makes ‘dream come true’ in ‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 12 win


Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Bayleigh Pelham celebrates her “Big Brother Canada” Season 12 win with host Arisa Cox.

Halifax native Bayleigh Pelham applied to be on her dream show “Big Brother Canada” multiple times in a span of 12 years.

When she wasn’t cast, she remembers boycotting the show in frustration but would always find her way back to it, believing she was meant to one day play the game. A few rejections later, a determined Pelham is the 12th winner in the show’s history.

“I’m feeling like I’m outside of my body right now and still waiting for it to come back in,” Pelham said after her win. “Being a superfan and actually getting to experience this in real life is a dream come true.”

The 34-year-old bartender became the first woman in six years to take home the “Big Brother Canada” crown. In 12 seasons, there have been only four female winners. She’s also the first LGBTQ winner the show has seen in years.

“I’m so about girl power and supporting women, empowering women, uplifting women, and I’m just hoping that this message inspires people to do more of that,” said Pelham.

The show’s finale came down to Pelham and Richmond Hill’s Anthony Douglas. In a twist this season, Douglas returned as an all-star to play a second time. He previously appeared on the seventh season of the series where he also finished in second place.

“Big Brother Canada” is a reality show that features a group of contestants who live sequestered from the outside world in a home under constant video surveillance. Each week, contestants compete to win power and safety inside the house before voting each other off until one player remains.


Bayleigh Pelham, with contestant Anthony Douglas, reacts to being crowned the winner of “Big Brother Canada” Season 12.

Known as a strategic force, Douglas made history going almost two full seasons — 132 days — without being nominated for eviction. He had a big hand in evicting almost half the contestants this season, leaving many with a bitter taste. His decision to take Pelham, who was beloved by the jury, to the final two left many in the audience stunned.

“That’s when I kind of realized I have a chance of winning this game now,” said Pelham.

She was awarded the win by a jury of her peers in an overwhelming 6-1 vote over Douglas.

A loyal and socially savvy player, Pelham credits bluntness and scrappiness in helping her secure the win after losing one of her closest allies early in the game.

“This is by far the best moment and most fulfilling moment of my life because I got here by being exactly who I am and letting it all show to Canada,” said Pelham.

“It’s OK to be exactly who you are. You don’t have to apologize if people don’t like it, that’s on them. I just want people to see how true to myself I was in this game.”

Pelham takes home the most valuable prize in “Big Brother Canada” history with $200,000 in cash and prizes.

Douglas earned $20,000 as runner-up and Canada’s favourite houseguest, Todd Clements, a general contractor from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, N.L., was awarded $10,000.

Pelham plans to use her big payday to pay off bills, help start a family with her partner and help those closest to her..

“I want to help my family out, I want to put some money aside and just really plan for a bright future for myself and celebrate,” she laughed.

Correction — May 10, 2024

This story has been edited from an earlier version that incorrectly said there had been three female winners in 12 seasons.

Credit belongs to : www.thestar.com

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