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INTERNATIONAL beauty brands had been sourcing the pili as ingredient for their products. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF IG/PILIANI

Writing about my love and fascination for beauty and makeup has allowed me to see the industry in a broader light, including some of its phenomenal innovations.

I appreciate the decreasing use of chemicals and more natural ingredients in the products of several brands. I believe organic and inclusivity are the way to go.

Consumers now have more options and, similar to my experience, are enlightened and educated on what they put on their skin.

Particularly interesting is Pili Ani, a Filipino-owned luxury beauty brand of organic and sustainable essential oil blends and skincare products.

It takes pride in sourcing key ingredients of its products directly from farmers in Bicol province.

“We want to highlight a Philippine-made, artisanal, holistic brand that combines traditional and sustainable techniques of our farmers. We also want to be consistent with our founder’s dream of making a mark on the global beauty market for our unique Philippine-made ingredients,” said Pili Ani cofounder Mary Jane Tan-Ong, a proponent of P-Beauty or Pilipina Beauty.

Pili Ani was born through the efforts and advocacy of its founder Rosalina Tan, a pioneer of organic farming and champion of ethical and sustainable agricultural practices.

In a recent press event, she said that international beauty brands had been sourcing the pili (Canarium ovatum) or Java almond tree in the country as ingredient for their products.

But its value wasn’t appreciated as a Filipino product.

Since then, she and her daughter Mary Jane made it their life’s mission to promote pili and the Filipino farmers who grew and harvested it.

Their efforts are paying off. Recently, Pili Ani was featured on the American Home Shopping Network or HSN. This will open more opportunities for the people behind the product and establish pili as an ingredient representative of the Philippines.

“This brand and milestone are not just for the company and the farmers. It is also something that we hope the country can be proud of,” Mary Jane said.

Pili Ani’s latest product is the Ageless Concentrate. It contains concentrated pili oil that has anti-aging and moisturizing properties, and elemi oil that firms up the skin.

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