Of beauty queens and all that pageantry

Today is the most important day for Rabiya Mateo.

Will she be the country’s fifth Miss Universe when the coronation takes place in Florida, United States?

It was not an easy weekend for the Philippines’ bet at the annual, highly anticipated beauty pageant.

Rabiya was met with many cheers, but as usual, there were jeers. It all started with the national costume designed by Rocky Gathercole. Some loved the Victoria’s Secret-inspired outfit, with Rabiya gushing about her look’s inspiration backstage.

(Photograph courtesy of IG/jericksanchez)

There were others who were less thrilled because they didn’t appreciate its “showgirl or cabaret” vibe. Another issue was the missing headpiece that was designed like the rays of the sun in the Philippine flag.

The issue that made Twitter abuzz was when some netizens questioned the post of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray when she posted her Top 6 bet in the national costume presentation. She picked Indonesia, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam. Noticeably absent was Rabiya.

Some people took offense and saw it as Catriona not showing her support for her fellow Filipina beauty queen.

Catriona Gray explains why Rabiya isn’t included in her top six bets. (IG/catrionagray)

Catriona would have to go through a series of tweets just to explain her choices. In one of her explanations, she said that she picked them because they were her favorites, not because of the candidates’ performance.

“I love the celebration of culture and a country’s expression of identity which is why its one of my favorite segments!” she tweeted.

After the national costume presentation, Rabiya went live on Instagram, crying and apologizing to Filipinos if ever they were disappointed with her performance.

It’s a shame to put Rabiya through added stress when she was already facing a lot of it. Pageant-obsessed Filipinos have been expecting her to snatch the country’s fifth crown, while facing a lot of trolls, who are not happy with her political inclinations, and overzealous fans who are too demanding.

Rabiya goes on Instagram and apologizes to Filipinos for her national costume presentation.

Then, they pit her against Catriona over things that could only make Rabiya lose focus while in competition.

The events that unfolded last week reinforces the fact that many Filipinos would readily voice out their opinion about beauty queens and pageantry. It is as if they are possessed in their frenzy to make their opinions heard.

So, there must be some truth that many Filipinos place a premium standard on beauty queens and pageantry. This hopefully reflects next year when the country’s fate hangs anew in Filipinos’ hands.


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