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Ok Taec-yeon, up close and personal

Ok Taec-yeon, the beloved K-pop idol and actor, set the New Frontier Theater ablaze with his long-awaited fan meeting in Manila on Sept. 23, 2023. The atmosphere was electric with anticipation as OKtizen (Ok Taec-yeon’s fandom name) engaged in fan activities outside the venue, turning the surroundings into a vibrant sea of excitement even before the show began.

The “2023 Ok Taec-yeon in Manila: SpecialTY” kicked off with a bang as Ok Taec-yeon graced the stage with a captivating performance of Magic and Anyway, setting the tone for an unforgettable evening. He expressed his genuine happiness to be back in the country after 10 years, saying, “Hello! Ako ay si ‘Borta’ Taec-yeon. Nami-miss ko kayo talaga. Welcome po sa lahat dito.”

The first segment, SpecialTY- Tymi-TYTime, allowed fans to delve deeper into Taec-yeon’s life. Fans were treated to insights about his recent endeavors, including his dramas, family outings, and his newfound love for coffee. The segment served as a bridge, connecting the artist with his fans on a personal level.

In the second segment, Taec-yeon displayed his generosity by showering his fans with presents. Reading heartfelt messages from post-it boards filled with fan letters, one particularly lucky supporter expressed a desire to hug Taec-yeon. True to his endearing nature, he went down from the stage to fulfill her wish, creating an unforgettable moment of connection.

The SpecialTY- Moment Memory segment was a nostalgic journey through Taec-yeon’s photos accompanied by behind-the-scenes stories that tugged at the heartstrings of the audience. He also showcased his versatility by performing Vampire, the OST of his recent romance fantasy drama Heartbeat. To the delight of Filipino fans, he serenaded them with a local hit, Forevermore, which had the entire audience singing along in unison.

Adding a personal touch, Taec-yeon brewed coffee on stage and handed a tumbler to a lucky fan, showcasing his fan service in its truest form. Throughout the evening, he consistently interacted with the crowd, creating an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie.

Ok Taeyeon looks fondly at the crowd.

A surprise video created by his OKtizen added an extra layer of joy to the night, keeping everyone in high spirits. Taec-yeon continued to serenade the crowd with hits like Toc Toc Toc, Champagne, and Promise. During the encore, he changed into a shirt adorned with fans’ messages and invited everyone to stand and jam with him for energetic performances of Jump and Hands Up.

“Mahal ko kayo sobra (I love you all so much),” Taec-yeon exclaimed, expressing his gratitude to the Filipino OKtizen. Before bidding farewell, he promised to return with something new, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating his next visit.

Ok Taec-yeon during soundcheck with his amazing dancer

As the fan meeting drew to a close, Taec-yeon once again descended from the stage, distributing red hearts with his signature to his fans. The post-show fan activities included a heartfelt goodbye session and a photo opportunity, ensuring that the connection between Ok Taec-yeon and his Filipino Oktizen would linger long after the final notes had faded away.

* * *

This show was powered by 51K, Twenty Two Plus, Pulp Live World, and Happee Hour.

Credit belongs to : www.philstar.com

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