Online consultation service for COVID-19 positive patient launched

Online consultation service for COVID-19 positive patient launched

MANILA, Philippines — Health maintenance organizations (HMO) PhilCare now offers COVID Home Care Telemonitoring, an exclusive online consultation service for members who tested positive for the viral disease.

The program allows affected members to receive advice from PhilCare’s Home Care doctors through video call.

“We recognize how difficult it has been for many of our fellow Filipinos, especially those positive with COVID-19, to get the medical care they need with the emergency rooms becoming crowded and our healthcare system becoming overwhelmed. Our aim for the COVID Home Care Telemonitoring is to help alleviate that burden and provide Filipinos with the same quality of care possible without leaving home,” said PhilCare President and CEO Jaeger Tanco.

“The ability for people to engage with doctors quickly and seamlessly through smartphones, laptops and other gadgets marks a significant shift in modern healthcare. This venture is not just about helping solve health concerns but doing it as fast and as efficient as possible with the technology as the driver,” he added.

According to the company’s CQ Wellness Index, seven out of ten Filipinos said that they were afraid to go to a hospital or clinic for fear of contracting COVID-19.

Concerned patient-members will need to have with them a copy of their COVID-positive confirmatory RT-PCR or antigen test results to avail of the service. It also has to be indicated whether they have mild or moderate symptoms, or are asymptomatic.

Concerned members may avail of this service by accessing DigiMed PLUS via PhilCare’s website at and clicking “Member Gateway” under the Gateway menu. Members registered in the Member Gateway may then log-in, while unregistered PhilCare members just need to sign-up.

Once inside the Member Gateway, members should select “DigiMed PLUS,” then onto “Do Digital Consult.” Afterwards, they should select “COVID Home Care Telemonitoring” to set an appointment with a doctor for a video consultation, then indicate “COVID Positive Telemonitoring” as their chief complaint before confirming their respective requests.

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