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Janine Gutierrez’s Simply Pretty look.

Cosmetics do not count as essential in this health pandemic, yet for some strange reason, beauty brands continue to burn the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons in online shopping platforms.

From skincare “essentials” to lipsticks (yes, even in the age of masks and face shields!), time-tested brands that had long made use of “direct” channels including online platforms are surviving through these trying times.

We zero in on three popular ones to give a glimpse of what they are offering these days, when mood-lifters like colors, scents and textures can go a long way in easing mental strains.

Mary Kay’s quick and easy ritual

Skipping the beauty routine can be tempting especially when we’re just staying at home, with no one else to see if our skin’s dull or our complexion’s pale. Sure, we primp for on-video work calls, but being able to stick to a consistent routine that makes ourselves feel good is a crucial self-care activity that does wonders for the skin and soul.

Mary Kay Unlimited Lip Gloss.

Mary Kay Philippines just made your daily beauty regimen a quick yet delightful endeavor with its 3-Step Skincare Routine designed to clean and nourish skin and give you that healthy glow.

The global beauty brand’s latest self-care practice is grounded on keeping things simple yet effective, an ethos that complements everyone’s current need for products that deliver their promise at friendly costs. Mary Kay’s routine, composed of the Mary Kay® Micellar Water, Mary Kay® TimeWise Replenishing Serum C+E™ and Mary Kay® Unlimited™ Lip Gloss, is designed to give you the fresh face you need to feel good while relaxing or working at home.

Order your own #MaryKay3StepSkincare Routine through a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and get expert advice on your other skin concerns.

Mary Kay TimeWise Replenishing Serum C+E.

Avon Simply Pretty is simply easy

Even when salons and spas have seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth, don’t give up on your beauty rituals. And even when the standard “trend” these days is called “loungewear,” looking your best is not something you can give up on.

Keep the ‘pretty’ alive by looking fresh with a little help from our Avon friends. The brand’s Simply Pretty line is a no-fuss alternative with plenty of new releases to play with and while the time away. Here are some tips to try at home:

Blush in a snap

Simply Pretty BB Matte Blush Duo gives you both base and color. Dot some foundation and blend. The cap contains the blush pot, which you can use to swipe a natural-looking flush on your cheeks and even on the bridge of your nose for a sun-kissed look. Don’t forget to blend!

Sunset Dreams Shine No More Pressed Powder.

Wow with brows

Above the mask, make sure your brows are perfect: Simply Pretty Brow Mascara is your go-to tube to make those brows pop. Use light, upward strokes following the direction of your brow hairs.

Play with your eyes

View the world through shimmery lids using the Simply Pretty Rollerball Eyeshadow or Simply Pretty Kohl Eyeliner & Eyeshadow Duo. Not only are these cute little pens handy, they are fun to use! Finish with the Simply Pretty Eye Defining Pencil and Simply Pretty Full Lash Mascara.

Lip love

Even lippies can amuse, and Simply Pretty Lipstick Duo answers your dilemma: Matte or Satin? Here’s a tip: Suing the lighter shade, add one swipe to your upper and lower lip. Blend over lips, then swipe the darker shade on the inner part of the lips. Pat darker color only on inner lip for a diffused look.

Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lipstick.

For a plump lip effect, the trick is to slightly overline your upper and lower lips using the Simply Pretty Lip Defining Pencil. Smooth over the lip liner with your finger to blend the liner to your natural lip color. Finish with clear gloss.


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