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Parenting expert offers tips on post-pandemic communication with kids

MANILA, Philippines — Education training and solutions provider Xepto Education and Parents for Education Foundation (PAREF) Schools invited author, educator and parenting expert Michele Borba for a series of talks about values in a digital and post-pandemic generation.

In a virtual media press conference for "Real Dialogue with Our Children," Borba gave a preview of some of the talking points she will be discussing to interested parents and guardians.

"There is no rewind button to parenting," Borba said. She recently flew in from Africa and Abu Dhabi.

She advised that parents should acknowledge there are differences between their childhoods and those of their kids, especially as this generation relies heavily on technology and grew up in a once-in-a-century health pandemic.

Another tip that Borba shared was for parents to find the right time to talk to their children. She suggested that they could have their talk with their kids before they went to sleep. The talk does not have to be a direct dialogue, suggesting that there are other ways to express their thoughts to their kids.

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Borba shared stories of parents communicating with their kids through journal exchanges and post-it notes, each of which led to positive results.

On the topic of encouraging better behavior in children without causing any triggers, Borba said, "Misbehavior is the best time to to build character… finding what to say when they cross the line."

In nurturing problem solving, the educator pointed out that parents should recognize there is a line between seeing themselves as rescuers and children being able to stand on their own.

Finally, on dealing with an open mind against biases due to age, Borba said it is a good start to admit there is a problem, "Have open conversations where kids can still disagree, but be assertive to dig deeper."

There are currently 16 schools run by PAREF, with a 17th upcoming all-girls school in Iloilo. PAREF Southridge, one of its bigger institutions, will be hosting two of Borba's talks, while its partner school, the University of Asia and the Pacific, will have another one at a later date.

Borba's talks at PAREF Southridge will be on April 17 and 18, while her talk at the University of Asia and the Pacific is on April 20.

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