PBBM pays tribute to nation’s heroes

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. reminded the public not to forget Filipinos who fought for the nation as the country commemorated National Heroes Day.

REMEMBERING OUR HEROES. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. talks to a member of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines during the commemoration of National Heroes Day at the Libingan ng mga Bayani on Monday.

In his message, Marcos remembered the “countless men and women of extraordinary courage and valor who fought and sacrificed to establish and preserve this nation.”

He said that the public must never forget them as their legacy of heroism lives on in the hearts of the country’s medical professionals, civil servants, uniformed personnel, “and ordinary citizens who toil daily to keep the Filipino dream alive.”

“We remember and honor each of them for the sacrifices they made on our behalf so that we may live in peace, security, and liberty as well as realize our full potential as Filipinos,” Marcos said.

“We can certainly overcome every challenge we face in this modern times if we become heroes in our own ways. Let’s use our might to contribute to the betterment of our surroundings for the good of all,” Marcos said.

Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio, who led a wreath-laying ceremony in Davao City, urged Filipinos to contemplate on the country’s future while drawing inspiration from the profound sense of patriotism of national heroes.

REMEMBERING OUR HEROES. In Davao City, Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio leads the wreath-laying ceremony at Quezon Park.

“The blood of our National Heroes is the same blood of bravery, selflessness, and love of country and fellowmen that continues to flow across the nation today—now permeating into the minds and hearts of many Filipinos who have committed to the cause of rebuilding the nation from the rubbles caused by disunity, hatred, misunderstanding, and acts of hostilities perpetuated by anti-people, anti-government, and local terror groups that hostaged the progress of the country for a long time,” she said.

Marcos Jr. also hoped everyone would follow in the footsteps of the country’s heroes and be inspired by them.

He urged Filipinos to be an instrument of unity and not of division.

“Let us not be stuck in conflicts or disagreement and pulling each other down. Instead, let us become an instrument of unity and peace,” he said.

He enjoined the public to use their collective strength for the good of the entire nation.

“I am hopeful that through the example of our heroes, we will live by the love they’ve shown for the country and protect and fight for the promise of goodness,” the President said.

Marcos said Filipinos will be able to face any challenges if there is unity and everyone will work together as one country.

“We can certainly overcome every challenge we face in this modern time if we become heroes in our own ways. Let’s use our might to contribute to the betterment of our surroundings for the good of all,” Marcos said.

The President also announced plans to put up hospitals for war veterans in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Marcos made his remarks at a simple ceremony at the National Heroes Cemetery in Taguig to honor the fallen veterans and soldiers of the country who dedicated and gave their lives for the country.

Also on Monday, Speaker Martin Romualdez called on all Filipinos to revisit the lives of the country’s heroes and learn to emulate the values they held and exemplified.

“Before Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Gregorio del Pilar and the others became heroes, they were ordinary Filipinos who were deeply moved by their love of the motherland. They were bound by a single dream: freedom for their country and a future for all Filipinos,” Romualdez said on the occasion of National Heroes’ Day.

“Today, we remember their lives and their sacrifice for the country. But we should not stop with just remembering and honoring their contributions. We should also emulate their virtues,” Romualdez said.

“The blood of our heroes flows in all of our veins. We are all capable of extraordinary courage in rising up to the challenges of these extraordinary times. Our heroes set aside their personal benefit for the good of the country,” Romualdez said.

“Patriotism comes in many forms. Each and every one of us can serve our country in our own personal capacity, like our health frontliners during the height of the pandemic, our law enforcers who kept us safe, or the delivery rider who took care of our needs. We are all heroes-in-waiting, given the right motivation,” the Speaker added.

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