Peta ‘Deadbeat Dad’ ad, U.S. first dog dies

The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has put out a timely and fitting father’s day advertisement for pet owners.

The animal rights organization is once again highlighting the importance of neuter or kapon with its “Deadbeat Dad” campaign. Neuter is a surgical process in which the testicles of the male animals are removed.

Neutered or castrated animals are less likely to mate and reproduce, thus preventing unwanted litters. Reduced unwanted pets will result in a decrease in the population of homeless animals.

NEUTERING your pets helps control the population of homeless animals. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/JUDI NEUMEYER

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) offers neuter services. Book a session by visiting

Rescue dog Champ Biden dies

Champ Biden, the elder of the two German Shepherd dogs of US President Joe Biden, has peacefully died. Champ was 13 years old.

The Bidens said that Champ, who people refer to as the First dog, was a constant companion of the entire family through their “most joyful moments” and “grief-stricken days.”

Champ passed away at the Biden home in Wilmington, Delaware. He was only a month old when President Biden picked him out of a litter from a breeder in Pennsylvania.

The Bidens adopted another German Shepherd in November 2018 named Major Biden. Major is a three-year-old pup and the first ever rescue dog to live in the White House.

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