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PhilHealth issues warning about online scams targeting public

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) warned the public on Monday, Nov. 6, to be vigilant about safeguarding their personal information and ensuring the security of websites they visit.

Photo from PhilHealth Facebook page

The advisory came in response to a rising trend of online scams that aim to deceive individuals and compromise their sensitive data.

One of the primary concerns addressed by PhilHealth is the proliferation of victimizing websites, which pose as reputable institutions such as corporations and banks.

It said that these misleading websites deceive users into disclosing sensitive information, including passwords for online accounts related to banking, social media, email, and more.

Additionally, the health insurer underscored that scammers may request personal details such as birthdates, valid identification (ID) numbers, and debit or credit card information.

To help individuals distinguish between legitimate and counterfeit websites, PhilHealth emphasized that reputable entities, such as banks, “will not repeatedly request” the personal information since they already possess this data in their records.

This cautionary statement, as said by the agency, served as a reminder for the public to exercise caution when engaging in online transactions and to remain vigilant against cyber threats that could compromise their personal and financial security. (Zekinah Elize Espina)

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