Planners for your productive 2021

The author uses both her calendar app and planner to jot down notes, assignments and plans for the week. PHOTOGRAPH BY PAULINE SONGCO FOR THE DAILY TRIBUNE

Growing up, I remember being very happy whenever I’d be gifted with an old-school, floral-printed tiny diary with a lock — that I didn’t use at all.

My love for fancy notebooks extended into my teenage and young adult years when I realized how determined I was to finish collecting 18 stickers for a Starbucks planner and start another booklet just to get a different version of it. Unfortunately, I’ve been unsuccesful.

People often assume that Generation Z solely rely on technology on a daily basis. While true for some, a lot of us still prefer traditional writing on a planner or the calendar app on the phone.

It’s not about the medium, but about how you’ll be able to recall or organize your plans or activities.

In my case, I use both my planner and my calendar app because I find that my forgetful brain manages to recall plans I made prior to listing them down on both mediums.

The accessibility is also a plus — when you don’t have your planner near you, you turn to your calendar app, vice-versa.

Here are some planner recommendations for those without one:

Muji weekly planner — A no-nonsense planner for those who want a minimalistic design.

Belle De Jour planners — For those who value aesthetics. This brand has one of the most beautiful planners in the market.

Filed! 2021 Scribble Journal — This adds more pizzazz to the normal ones. It consists of monthly mantras, mental health mindfulness pack, self check-in and wellness summaries.

Where to Next The In-Betweens Planner — This elegant planner has special features like a checklist of travel locations in the country, stories from local artists and bucket lists.

Oppa Planner 2021 — This should motivate you to write down and organize your plans.

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