‘Plant Monsters’ bloom at virtual artist space


Flowering plants and the human figure come together in Hothouse, the latest series from Filipino visual artist and writer, Jill Arwen Posadas. It features a collection of half-human, half-plant portraits rendered in watercolors to approximate the presentation of traditional botanical illustrations.

The exhibition’s theme is a hothouse, a type of greenhouse wherein the temperature is controlled for plant cultivation. “I want to explore the concept of part-plant, part-human monsters in an enclosed or protected, artificial environment,” Posadas says.

“While a greenhouse might be a visual metaphor for a sheltered life or a form of captivity or isolation, I find this theme particularly relevant during the current community quarantines.”


In creating the works for this exhibition, the artist used plants endemic to or found in the Philippines. Though hothouses are usually for taking care of rare and expensive plants, Posadas has deliberately included plants that are commonly found throughout the country.

“Putting the exotic alongside the everyday plants within the same hothouse or gallery is an expression of my belief that all ‘species,’ not just the ‘special’ ones deserve to be protected and cared for within the same greenhouse,” Posadas says.

Posadas’ work as an illustrator has appeared in children’s books, magazines, greeting cards and Philippine postage stamps.

Posadas was the Grand Prize Winner of Samsung’s KidsTime Author’s Award for illustration in 2015, and she won the Ang-InK’s Best Non-Children’s Book Illustration in 2005.


Born in Manila in 1975, Posadas earned a Communication Arts degree in Advertising from the University of Asia and the Pacific, and a Fine Arts degree in Painting from the University of the Philippines.

HotHouse will be virtually on view starting 7 May, Friday at 6 p.m. The virtual exhibition will run until 27 May 2021. The link to the exhibition will be posted on ArtistSpace Facebook and Instagram pages (@artistspacegallery).

For queries on the exhibition, call or text Jill Arwen Posadas at +63 9174374346 or send an e-mail at [email protected] For more information on Virtual ArtistSpace, call or text Jane Salvador at +63 9178264425 or send an e-mail at [email protected]

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