Prices of basic goods increase

THE prices of some basic and prime goods have increased based on the suggested retail price (SRP) released by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

The suggested price increase for canned sardines such as the 155-gram lid of King Cup, Lucky 7, and 555, ranged from P1 to P2.

Processed milk including condensed milk, powdered milk, and evaporated milk prices increased from P3 to P4.

The SRP for bread like Pinoy Tasty 450g and the 250g Pinoy Pandesal (10 pieces per pack), went up by P2.

The SRP for coffee products like Great Taste White and Nescafe, iodized and rock salt, and distilled, purified and mineralized bottled water was unchanged.

The SRP for detergent or laundry soaps was up, from P1 to P2.

Candles marked a significant SRP increase of more than P10.

Export candles (20 pcs/pack) went up from P49 to P60.

Prime commodities also marked a slight SRP increase.

Argentina meat loaf 150g went up from P22.54 to P23.75.

There was also a markup in the SRP for corned beef ranging from P1 to P3.

Young's Town Premium 150g increased from P31.25 to P34.25.

The prices of some condiments also went up. A Lorins Patis budget pack is up from P19.50 to P21.25.

But the SRP for a 200 ml pack of Silver Swan soy sauce and 350 ml of Datu Puti white vinegar remained the same.

Toilet soaps increased from P1 to P2. A 130g Safeguard Pure White bar went up from P44.75 to P46.75.

Batteries also posted a higher SRP. A blister pack of 2 Eveready super heavy-duty black D batteries went up from P70.75 to P77.75.

However, the SRP for double AA batteries remained the same.

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