Prolific singer-songwriter Adjeng releases pop rock single ‘Say No

Versatility and fecundity are words to describe the recording run of singer-songwriter Adjeng who is releasing today, October 22, her sixth single in seven months.

The digital track is called “Say No,” a pop-rock of a gem that is unlike the previous five she put out. This one’s kind of sounding heavy, though still possessing the intrinsic beauty of her clean-cut musicality.

“’Say No’ can be interpreted in so many ways. It’s recognizing that the struggle is real in trying to stay on course, in doing what is right,” shared Adjeng. “It’s the resolve to do the right thing despite the cries and longings of our heart. We’ve got to get a grip like what the song is saying: ‘Let me be the first to put out the fire.’”

Along with collaborator Nino Regalado, Adjeng caught the attention of the songwriting community with her multiple Finals stints in various song-making competitions. This rock song they co-wrote features the top-notch arranger from the famed Regalado clan of musicians on drums and the guitar chops of one of the country’s best guitar players Ardie De Guzman.

Known around the gig circle as a lady singer in the band, Adjeng said she was mulling over the words “pedestals,” “altars,” and “shrines” when conceptualizing the composition. She noted, “Often we say no when our hearts are saying yes. I wanted to capture that in a song because of how real it has been to me.”

While already a veteran act in the band scene with her stints with Sipol and Wink, the caring mother, loving wife, and spiritual community leader broke out into the open last summer when she started releasing solo singles. She put out “O Sige Lang” in April, “If Only” in May,” “Walk On Water” two months after that, “Sometimes That Happens” last August, and then “Please” last month.

You must be wondering why she didn’t deliver one back in June. Well, that month was reserved for the release of Wink’s reunion song “Over and Over.”

She expressed, “I have always enjoyed rock music. Growing up in the 80’s I feel I had the usual exposure to great American bands like Journey, Survivor and Aerosmith. But admittedly I really enjoyed the music of Extreme since I am a huge fan of guitar player Nuno Bettencourt. I like the freedom and edge.”

Adjeng’s vocal mentor Kitchy Molina has been her teacher for more than 15 years now, and she has learned a lot from her on how to use the voice and also how to take care of it, no matter what genre she chooses to sing in. Vocally, she stood her ground as she let the music and words sweep her away.

A match stick is featured on the song’s artwork crafted by Jed Dumawal. Adjeng, who considers herself an analog soul, likes its old-school feel, that you either have a pulse for lighting one or not.

She added, “If you notice, you never really know what to expect from each new release I come up with. I love staying on my toes creatively and applying different vocal colors to every song I sing. It is a joy to be able to create and release music even during this pandemic, and it is all by God’s grace.”

Next month, Adjeng will release her interpretation of a poignant Tagalog ballad called “Hinga” written and composed by award-winning songwriter Toto Sorioso. She’s also readying a Christmas song release she co-wrote with Molina.

A full album is on the horizon next year.

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