Questions after UAAP Season 83 cancellation

Questions after UAAP Season 83 cancellation
Rick Olivares ( – December 15, 2020 – 12:07pm

MANILA, Philippines — The UAAP’s announcement of the cancellation of Season 83 caught people by surprise. This after intimating of the continuation of some sports in bubble-like conditions for 2021.

In our opinion, with finances stretched in this pandemic, the member schools looked at two bubble with no game revenue available too costly for two months (the duration of these bubbles). Hence, the decision to cancel the season.

Now, hopefully, they should immediately provide guidelines that will allow coaching staffs and their utilities, players and recruits, as well as team sponsors to make plans and adjustments.

Here are the questions that they should answer.

  • If this school year’s sports activities are a wash, if it does continue for the next school year, will it still be called Season 83? For the matter, will La Salle still be the host?
  • Can super seniors still suit up? What if they will be overaged by 2021-22? How about the one-and-done players?
  • Since no season is to be played, does this count in every student-athletes’ playing years?

If we go to the second and third concerns, remember that the construction of all varsity teams is a pipeline.

For the sake of argument, if the super seniors and one-and-dones are allowed to play regardless of the age, it becomes an internal problem because for one, there is the extra cost that wasn’t factored in.

You have to feed and take care of the allowances of these players.

If you had a core of say 18 that includes the recruits on Team B, it now adds up with the retentions and those coming up from high school.

Second, the coaching staffs will be in a quandary – do you play the super seniors who are stuck with you all these years or do you sit those in residency? Sitting them means they will be on the shelf for two years.

At least for basketball players, there is the added concern about the PBA Draft that has been moved to March of 2021. Do they go to the draft or do they stay on and play one last time? You cannot even be sure about the D-League.

For sure the agents will tell their players that they could be selected at this number or that in what could be a big or lean draft depending on the situation.

That however also begs the concern about the graduating players not having a platform to showcase their wares. So now they are basing that on either their last showing on the court, but also how fit they are.

Hopefully, the guidelines are released soon so everyone knows what their options are.

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