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Recipe: Shrimp Tempura turned into a roll

MANILA, Philippines — When it comes to Japanese food, Filipinos simply love Shrimp Tempura (also known as Ebi Tempura), which is perhaps one of the comfort dishes that we always order whenever we’re dining in a Japanese restaurant.

These are fresh, elongated shrimps dipped in batter and fried to golden perfection, served with tempura dipping sauce. We can enjoy it in the form of a roll, too, as it is rolled with sushi rice and nori and then cut into bite sizes and served with Kikkoman soy sauce.

This recipe by Home Foodie and San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center shows how.

Shrimp Tempura Roll


For the roll:

1 pack Purefoods Seafood Delights Shrimp Tempura (200 grams), cooked according to package directions

1 pc. ripe mango, cut into thin strips (250 grams)

1 pc. cucumber, cut into thin strips

For the sushi rice:

2 tbsps. rice vinegar

2 tbsps. sugar

1 tsp. iodized fine salt

4 cups cooked rice

For the dip:

1 tsp. wasabi

3 tbsps. light soy sauce

3 tbsps. Japanese mayonnaise


1. Make sushi rice by combining rice vinegar, sugar and salt in a bowl. Mix well until sugar and salt have dissolved. Mix with rice.

2. On a plate lined with a nori sheet, place a small amount of rice in the center and flatten out up to the edges to make a thin spread of rice, approximately 1/2 centimeter high.

3. Place shrimp tempura on top of the rice. Add strips of mango and cucumber. Roll the top of the mat over and roll up the ingredients away from you, while keeping the roll tight.

4. Before cutting, dampen knife with water. Cut each roll into 4 slices. Arrange on platter and serve with wasabi, soy sauce and mayonnaise.

*Makes 5 servings.

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Credit belongs to : www.philstar.com

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