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The Philippine Post Office celebrated Women’s Month by lighting its historic building in purple and pay tribute to women couriers. PHOTO BY J. GERARD SEGUIA

The Philippine Post Office celebrated Women’s Month by lighting its historic building in purple and pay tribute to women couriers. PHOTO BY J. GERARD SEGUIA

It was indeed a celebration like no other for the recently concluded International Women's Month. Just like the past years, brands, establishments and organizations took the opportunity to hold events and realize what the United Nations described as “a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women, who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.”

Here in the Philippines, the Post Office Building in Lawton, Manila lit up in purple in commemoration of Women's Month giving tribute to women letter carriers and frontline workers.

Norman Fulgencio, Postmaster and CEO of the Philippine Postal Corporation, led the ceremony together with Maria Kristine Josefina Balmes, Deputy Executive Director for Operations of the Philippine Commission on Women and presented plaques of appreciation to women letter carriers of PhilPost.

Incredible achievements

Filipina celebrities, likewise, participated in the celebration. In several occasions, they have proudly shared their latest achievements in their respective fields and shared what these fetes mean to them.

During Manulife Philippines webinar titled, “Filipina In Action: In Business and Health,” Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz shared how she came to prove that weightlifting is not just a man's sport.

“Palagi akong sinasabihan na babae ka lang or atleta ka lang, panglalaki itong sport na ito. Hindi pwede eh, we also have rights and abilities. I want to show that ang mga babae pwede maging weightlifter. Ang babae, pwede maging Olympic champion.

Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz

Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz

Actress-entrepreneur Bea Alonzo

Actress-entrepreneur Bea Alonzo

Actress-soon to be mother of three, Dimples Romana INSTAGRAM PHOTOS

Actress-soon to be mother of three, Dimples Romana INSTAGRAM PHOTOS

“Malaking bagay yun para sa mga kababaihan na sumusunod sa atin. Kasi naipakita natin na kaya nating manalong mga babae. Kaya natin na i-represent ang Pilipinas ano mang larangan. Napaka importante na nandito tayo ngayon at lumalaban.”

A record holder by winning the women's 55 kg category, the 31-year-old shared she always wanted to pay it forward by helping more athletes achieve the same success that she had.

“Ngayon nandito lang ako sa Pilipinas, I'm with the kids na soon magiging weightlifter and then eventually maging Olympian so we're planning to do weightlifting academy para mas marami pang matulungan and may mga programs din na trains with Team HD, trains with me para mas maturuan sila,” she noted.

In the same event, award-winning actress Bea Alonzo also took pride in becoming a lady boss, besides being one of the most sought-after actresses today, what with her latest endeavor — her 16-hectare organic farm in Zambales.

“I turned passion into something greater with a purpose by having these three values that helped me thrive in my career. First is hard work — I really work hard for my dreams. Second is good work ethics — hindi ka nagpapaintay ng mga tao, madali ka dapat katrabaho. Third is believing in what I do and hindi lang sa showbiz, sa business din.

“It's also knowing your 'why' and what I can offer to the world, hindi na lang siya singular. Parang marami nang branches. It's how you can change the world — through what you do. In our case, our farm through agriculture. Making the world a better place. You don't see a lot of women in agriculture,” she added.

The 34-year-old also gave some tips to aspiring women entrepreneurs, as well as to those women who does not yet embrace their unique values.

“To those women who are planning to start their own businesses but don't have the confidence to do it, if we can do it, so can you. If you are clear as to what your higher purpose is, kung ano yung dine-desire mo, just do it. Take the lead. Plan and plan, but kung walang action, walang mangyayari,” Alonzo said.

Lastly, vitamin brand Fortima held a “Power Hour” event with actress Dimples Romana who is currently pregnant with baby No. 3. In the event, Romana shared how she takes on life as a power woman — going through her busy shooting schedule, attending to her beautiful family, and managing to study and invest in different businesses on the side.

Of course, all these can sometimes bring in challenges, but Romana shared she still managed to stay motivated and strong enough to take on all her roles and stay on top.

“I feel like being a mom does not have manual with it, it doesn't give you exactly what to do because times are changing as well. I think there's this ability and power of women and moms to adapt to the changes that are happening in their bodies, in their minds, emotional or hormones,” Romana said.

While the actress has a lot of powerful women that are influential around her, Romana insisted that the person who she wants to spotlight for the said celebration is her 18-year-old daughter Callie.

“The reason why I picked her because I've seen her grown into her own woman and to her own unique, empowered self. She is taking on a role dominated by men because she wanted to be a pilot. I'm so proud that a lot of women are already being celebrated as pilot as well so I think she takes inspiration those women. I don't ever want Callie to think na ang isang tao lang na pwede niyang maging hero na babae ay ako lang.

“I always tell her that all these different things that will empower her as a woman may come from different women influences that's why I'm grateful that she is surrounded by young and elder mentors who have been there for her ever since she was young,” Romana finally shared.

Indeed, it is a celebration worth remembering as women continue to break barriers whichever roles they take.

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