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Renee Salud’s ‘love letter to Mindanao’ to tour Portugal, Italy, Canada

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines’ Land of Promise, which holds within her landscape, culture and people the essence of beauty, artistry and possibility, is once again depicted in “Mindanao Tapestry II X Renee Salud.”

“Through the vision of former Department of Tourism secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo and with the input of skilled Mindanao Weavers, we were able to reignite neo-ethnic fashion as we brought to life the second leg of Mindanao Tapestry,” said Salud.

“This is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and cultural presentation, which inspires us to continue showcasing the rich heritage of our country through modern and captivating designs,” he added.

Joshua de Sequerra in Inaul

Runway Photo by Edison Sia of Fashion Media

The legendary designer, who had a successful stint in Davao City for a time, unleashed his creative genius in Okada Manila last May 9 in what was deemed as “not only celebrating the art of fashion but also embarking on a journey to discover the hidden treasures of Mindanao.”

The show was directed by Cata Figueroa Jr., with assistance from Marcel Isip. It was supported by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, the Province of Basilan, the Province of Maguindanao del Norte and Deputy Speaker Erwin Tulfo.

Katrina Llegado in Pis Syabit

Runway Photo by Edison Sia of Fashion Media

In his blockbuster collection, Salud used Inaul, Pis syabit, Tennun and T’nalak. The eye-catching accessories were made by Manny Halasan. “Mindanao Tapestry II” will be touring Portugal, Italy and Canada.

According to the Bangsamoro Commission for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Inaul refers to “the handwoven fabric malong (tube garment) using a loom. The types of looms utilized in Maguindanao are the ancient backstrap loom and the fixed horizontal frame with four treadles.”

The same source says Pis is “the geometric pattern, and Siyabit stands for the hook and technique. Pis syabit weaving is said to be a difficult art. It is a hand-woven square measuring 39 by 40 inches, which takes some three months to weave. It consists of stringing black and red threads across a banana and bamboo frame to form the base of the tapestry.”

Hannah Arnold in T’nalak

Runway Photo by Edison Sia of Fashion Media

Tennun weaving in Basilan, meanwhile, is “a traditional craft deeply ingrained in the culture of the region, which originated from the intricate techniques passed down through generations. It involves weaving intricate patterns using locally sourced materials including cotton, abaca, and silk, to produce the fabric. This age-old tradition holds significant cultural value for the Yakan people of Basilan, preserving and innovating upon its legacy.”

The University of Washington’s Critical Filipinx American Histories and their Artifacts department refers to T’nalak as “a traditional hand-woven cloth indigenous to the T’boli people from the Cotabato region. It is woven in order to celebrate and pay tribute to major life events such as birth, life, marriage, or death within the community. The cloth is woven from abaca fibers and is naturally dyed from bark, roots, and certain plants. The fabric undergoes a unique tie-dye process where it is tied in specific knots measured by finger or knuckle length, and dipped in dyes in order to create ornate patterns that indicate precision in craftsmanship. This is denoted by a distinctive tri-color scheme; the background is painted black while the pattern is white, which is then tinted predominantly with shades of red.”

Leren Mae Bautista in Tennun

Runway Photo by Edison Sia of Fashion Media

Patty Betita, the supermodel-beauty queen and longtime Salud muse, served as the overall project coordinator of the event.

She shared: “Five months of preparation, planning meetings with the team, suppliers and sponsors, running here and there, Messenger and Viber early mornings and even late at night and then the inevitable little dramas. Sorry, Kristine Caballero Aplal for sometimes being the recipient of my occasional outbursts but I want you to know how much I appreciate you for being so efficient, generous, patient and funny.

“To Sec Wanda Tulfo Teo who started it all. Your vision, mission and passion to promote Mindanao not just for its rich culture and beautiful fabrics, but as a safe place to encourage tourism is what inspired us to work hard.

“Mama Renee Magtibay Salud, I love you whole and flawed. Your talent is immeasurable. Beyond words. I can still hear the echoes from the crowd that evening in awe of your beautiful creations. Bravo, Mama!!! Well done. I only wish you excellent health for many more years to come.

Marina Benipayo as a muslim royal

Runway Photo by Edison Sia of Fashion Media

“PS. Marina Benipayo, ikaw pa rin ang ultimate runway diva!

“Congrats, team!!! Thank you, Lord, for an SRO crowd !!! To God be the Glory!”

Credit belongs to : www.philstar.com

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