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Revolutionary Filipiniana ternos showcased at the TernoCon: Kasarinlan, Kultura, Kasuotan collections exhibit at SM Mall of Asia

The celebration and honoring of the 126th Philippine Independence Day and the rich Filipino fashion culture continues with the ongoing TernoCon: Kasarinlan, Kultura, Kasuotan (KKK) exhibit at the Main Mall Atrium, SM Mall of Asia.

The exhibit showcases the terno pieces unveiled during the TernoCon: Kasarinlan, Kultura, Kasuotan fashion show, held last June 10, 2024 at the Museo del Galeon at the SM Mall of Asia. This event was part of the #LoveLocal campaign by Bench/ lifestyle + clothing and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), and supported this year by SM Supermalls.

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These innovative terno collections showcase the pride and personal craftsmanship of three visionary Filipino designers Jaggy Glarino, Jojie Lloren, and Cary Santiago.

The iconic terno, a classic Filipino formal attire, characterized by its signature butterfly sleeves and floor-length skirt, has become a symbol for elegance, femininity, and national pride encapsulating Philippine identity and showcasing the nation’s cultural heritage. This year, Bench/ lifestyle + clothing, SM Supermalls, and the CCP, together with the designers, have successfully embodied the essence of the terno through each collection that not only highlights the designers’ unique artistic perspectives but also weaves stories of Filipino heritage into every meticulously crafted piece.

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The “Lemlunay” terno and barong collection by Jaggy Glarino

Jaggy Glarino’s “Lemlunay” collection, named after a T’boli tradition celebrating lineage, resonates deeply with the rich indigenous culture of Mindanao. Inspired by his childhood memories from South Cotabato’s Lake Sebu, Glarino’s designs feature nine ternos and three barongs with lively patterns and innovative silhouettes.

Each terno and barong reflects a blend of past traditions and contemporary flair, showcasing the seamless integration of heritage into modern fashion. The collection also highlights Mindanaoan craftsmanship through intricately woven headdresses and exquisite accessories. Model Marina Benipayo served as the muse for this collection.

“A Lullaby For My Mother” terno collection by Jojie Lloren

Jojie Lloren’s collection, “A Lullaby For My Mother,” is a poignant tribute to his late mother, Hermania, and to the Philippines. With a somber yet artistic approach, Lloren’s designs evoke stages of grief through garments adorned in deep blacks, tulle, and dresses with hints of black ink. The collection was accompanied by haunting melodies, capturing the emotional journey of loss intertwined with the cultural expressions of mourning in Filipino tradition. TV personality Maine Mendoza was the muse for this evocative collection.

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“Ikonograpiya” terno collection by Cary Santiago

Cary Santiago’s “Ikonograpiya” collection celebrates Philippine national symbols and colors, embodying a profound sense of national pride. Inspired by the Philippine flag, sampaguita flowers, mangoes, jeepneys, and even the likeness of Jose Rizal, Santiago’s designs are a tribute to Filipino heritage. His technique and artistry are prominently displayed in each piece, creating bold and dynamic fashion statements that resonate with the spirit of being “Proud to be Pinoy.” Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee served as the muse for this striking collection.

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TernoCon: Kasarinlan, Kultura, Kasuotan collection exhibition

For those eager to experience these masterpieces firsthand, the TernoCon: Kasarinlan, Kultura, Kasuotan exhibit is open at the Main Mall Atrium of SM Mall of Asia until June 23. This exhibit offers a unique opportunity to delve into the stories woven into each garment, reinforcing the beauty and significance of Filipino fashion heritage.

The TernoCon: Kasarinlan, Kultura, Kasuotan collections by Jaggy Glarino, Jojie Lloren, and Cary Santiago exemplifies the enduring legacy of Filipino craftsmanship and creativity. Through their artistry, they have successfully showcased the evolution of the terno and inspired a new generation to cherish and preserve Philippine cultural traditions through contemporary fashion.

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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