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Ricci Rivero hints at breakup with actress Andrea Brillantes

HAS basketball player Ricci Rivero and actress Andrea Brillantes broken up? Fans think so after Rivero's lengthy tweet posted on Friday morning.

“I own up to the mistake of not making my relationship status public because I felt there's no need to add up to what we're going through. Please respect our decision to keep it to ourselves so that we can preserve what's left of our friendship,” Rivero tweeted via his account @_ricciiirivero.

Ricci Rivero and Andrea Brillantes INSTAGRAM PHOTO
Ricci Rivero and Andrea Brillantes INSTAGRAM PHOTO

“I hope let's stop creating your own versions and dragging other characters into these false accusations. I am sorry for whatever disappointments it may have caused you – for everyone's peace of mind, please allow ourselves to heal and move on peacefully without hate and pain,” he added.

Fans have been speculating the separation after not seeing updates from the couple. Their last posts together on their respective accounts were for their first anniversary on April 9.

Brillantes has yet to release any statement.

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