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Rody rejects destab link, urges Pinoys to follow rule of law

The former President, in a press conference in Davao City late Saturday evening, says only ‘stupid people’ would believe the claim that he is involved in any destabilization plot. Screengrabs from ANC, Facebook live
Joyce Pangco Pañares

Former President Rodrigo Duterte said only “stupid people” will link him to destabilization efforts against the administration as he urged Filipinos to observe the rule of law.

Earlier in the day, former senator Antonio Trillanes IV said the people agitating active military members were “allied with the Dutertes.”

“Who in their right mind — police or military — will meet with me to talk about destabilization?” Duterte said during a press briefing late Saturday evening streamed live on Facebook.

“Why should I do that? To find someone to replace Marcos? I am comfortable with Marcos, why should I replace him?”

Duterte said he has “grown tired” of such rumors.

“I do not want chaos. Let us just follow the Constitution…Change can happen through a democratic process, but not through bloody revolts or destabilization.”

“Every time there is destabilization, or you break the process of democracy, you take a gamble. Destabilization is not the solution…Let the people decide, that is why we have elections. Let democracy work. Help democracy work,” he added.

Asked if he is satisfied with the Marcos administration, Duterte said: “In a sense, we have not seen any issue of corruption or abuse. In a sense, Marcos is treading a straight path.”

“I can’t say there is a need for change or anything. I do not see any need for agitation—nothing,” he added.

Duterte, however, acknowledged that there are sentiments raised against President Marcos, but these did not emanate from his hometown in Davao City.

“The sentiment is strongest in Manila, not here in Davao,” Duterte said.

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